Monday, August 31, 2009

in case you were wondering...

there are still no bumps on the juilliard braille signs.

i ate at least half of chad's red velvet birthday cake.

ranting about fedoras for twenty minutes is SO not the way to get a girl.

the cafeteria honey mustard continues to be the love of my life. 

Saturday, August 29, 2009

a most glorious saturday's eve

1. a date with not one, but two beautiful men (friend craig and roomie chad) to the highly anticipated and newly opened whole foods on the upper west side. 

whole foods cuppie cake friends

she's perfect. just perfect. 

one of the sistas behind the counter was giving out sushi samples. and i don't know if i was woozy from flying for hours today, or giddy from being in a shiny and spankin new whole foods, but the salmon rolls (which have all my life rePULSED me) for some reason looked sooooo tasty!? i don't know what came over me, but without hesitation, i scooped one up and popped it whole into my mouth! i was as shocked with myself as i was at its yummy taste. am i a sushi eatur now? i suddenly feel so posh and in the know.

2. dinner with craig and chad:

fresh spinach and ricotta raviolis 
arrabiata sauce

3. then... craig and i had planned to bake chad a red velvet cake for his birthday tomorrow. but instead i got absorbed in this post by the hilarious and ingenious nico muhly. and c&c insisted on hijacking my kitchen (and in craig's case, the aunt cathy apron) to make the cake. 

we (they) used sunny anderson's recipe


i went to the bang store and bought me some bangs.

and also...

there are few greater things in the world than the surprise last few fries at the bottom of a happy meal bag (yes, i ate a happy meal when i could have been exploring the new world of food in miami. sorry.)



rob k and rob k!

congratulations to rob klieger for winning the new world audition!!!!!!!

i call this piece, "rob plus palm tree." he gets to move to miami soon!


congratulations to one of my very best friends (and in mum's perfect world, my one and only future husband) rob knopper for being the runner up at new world!!!

rob leonardo knopper, ladies and gentleman!

now, while i don't think i completely ate poop in my audition, i unfortunately did not advance :-(


it's ok because i drowned my sorrows in gelato with friend zach!



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

audition day dance party?

WOWZERS it is really difficult to focus on my audition (that is occurring in four hours and thirty five minutes) when all i really want to do right now is DANCE!



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hello, miami!

everybody, i'm taking my first orchestra audition!! 

i have no idea what to expect, but i sure am liking a good excuse to load up on carbs :-)



p.s. a few of you have voiced confusion about posting comments- it's really easy and i'd love to hear what you sillies have to say! all you have to do is click where it says the number of comments under the post and then you can select to enter your name or just leave it anonymously!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

heute (was almost) nicht mein tag

warning: this post contains hints of number 3 from the list of people i unadmire

reasons why today (was almost) not my day {and i'm serious, this is no joke...}

1. r.i.p. gucci eye glasses. cause of death: my butt.

2. r.i.p. wayfarer sun shades. cause of death: my clumsiness in the fitting room zara.

3. r.i.p. mum's eye glasses! cause of death: gardening. 

i mean... seriously?!?!? 

4. beautiful shoes like these never ever fit my wide feet. (also even if they did, my wallet is still taking the hit from my cheese binge two weeks back). 

but, fear not! new york city to the rescue!!!
seriously... one of the best things about new york is that there's always something that will cheer you up, just blocks away!!

so after spending a few bucks on new cheapo sun shades, i headed up town towards the zabar's knish counter....

but instead, i was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon the rickshaw dumpling truck! (conveniently parked on broadway between 74th street and 75th street, on sundays)

the sista working in the truck lovingly called me a diva. (i had, after all, just purchased bright red lipstick for my upcoming audition and was trying out the look paired with a black flower in my hair) and then she complimented me on my cowgirl dress. i told her i'd trade her the dress for the truck... and i digress...

the dumplings i ordered were chicken and thai basil and they were quite delicious! 

what set these dumplings apart from other dumplings was definitely the sauce. it was a creamy, sweet, coconut-y sauce that was somehow just perfect for a hot summer day. 

the next stop in new york city's effort to cheer me up was bumping into friend allyson wonderland on the street! (no, i don't know her actual name, and no, i don't think anyone else does either, and yes, i agree, that does make sweet nicknames like that all the better). she was about to play the fiddle with her sister on the street to make some moneys. SWEET. if there's anything that will no doubt cheer me up on a not so good day, it's randomly bumping into fun people like allyson!!

and then...

i saw a poster for upcoming movie cloudy with a chance of meatballs

that was one of my all time favorite books when i was little! i can't contain my excitement to see the movie!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
oh boy. 

the final stop on my route to cheeriness was my room, sitting on my bed, discussing triangles with friend kyle. so dorky, i am well aware. but discussing new ways to play musics and figuring out new sounds on instruments is just so interesting to me! 

phew. good thing this day don't suck no mo.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

apartment doesn't have internet yet... but peaches frozen yogurt does!

i recently found this on the menu of indigo indian...

can anyone explain what exactly kasta kachori contains??



things i love about {dave}

1. he is in fact known to most as the d train
2. he has marimba skillz. mad mad marimba skillz. 
3. the other night he pleaded with me to learn my secret mac and cheese recipe. finally i caved and made him my sous chef.
4. his parents!!!!
5. occasionally, during a late night practice session, he'll approach me with sad puppy eyes and say, "mollmoll do you have any fooooood?" (and i mean, of course i always have food). he makes me feel like i'm doing my job as the makeshift mother of the percussionists. 
6. he often waves to inanimate objects. like sandwiches that he's about to eat. 

i can't contain my excitement to go to five napkin burger to celebrate!!!

last night, after a nice peaceful walk through the city with myself, i came home to find a little packeege from my auntie cathy. it was a sweet journal (she is well aware of journal obsession) that says, "anything is edible if you put on enough mustard!" (she is also way hip to my mustard shelf). is that not the most perfect journal you can think of?!  i can't wait to start using it to write down new recipes- like this most recent one that friend marsha sent me for spinach salad:

fresh spinach and strawberries
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons sesame seeds
1 tablespoon poppy seeds
1/4 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/2 cup oil
1/4 cup cider vinegar

i can't wait to try it! i better do so soon too because strawbies from fairway have been soooo tasty lately!

and now a bit about organ music...

in the midst of my excerpt shedding a few days ago, my friend keenan, who is a fantastic organ player, approached me to play with him a minimalist piece for solo organ by the famed and illustrious ad wammes. i wheeled in a xylophone, divided up a few lines (did you know organ music had three staves? i certainly didn't), and went to town. oh it was so much fun!! i've never heard such awesome organ music! and if i do say so myself, the high tingy sounds of the xylophone fused with the airy, almost haunting sounds of the organ sounded super fetch. i felt like joseph gramley from organized rhythm. except, is it wrong that the only additional thing i wanted in this organ + xylophone jam was a sick beat on the drumkit? i can't wait to play more with keenan and see where this mixture of sound goes... 

something that i'd like to get off my back...

list of people i unadmire 

3. CATTY GIRLS!!!!!!

phew! that felt good to get out...

the english muse does this thing where she has guest bloggers.. and i thought that was a fantastic idea!! so i'd like to introduce my first guest blogger, the famed and illustrious friend craig. i met craig a few years ago at tanglewood when he approached me as i was playing the marimba and said, verbatim, "sometimes i can feel a low F in my stomach." my reaction to that was... i didn't know if i should think he was a complete and total weirdo or a complete and total genius. but in compliance with number 4 on my list of people i unadmire, i decided to go with the impression that he was a genius. and i quickly realized that he is. teehee. 

so here he is!

welcome, craig!!!



hay, there!

My name is Craig Hubbard, and I am the guest blogger on "My Name is Yeh"

DISCLAIMER: No offense is intended toward the beautiful people of Raliegh NC or the competent staffs of IKEA and United Airlines. I love you all.

I've been squatting in Molly's apartment this week due to temporary homelessness, and so far we've had some excellent adventures. Every morning we walk the distance from the homestead to the schoolstead to prack the day away. Sounds boring, right? Wrong.
I looked for a picture of the two of us, but I only found this one of us and friend Jessica Anastasio (Hi Jessica!) from Molly's recital last year.

At first, Molly put me to work assembling her recent acquisitions from the IKEA store:

Some of it was like this, but, unfortunately, we had to return this fixture (aptly named "molnig") because Molly's apartment doesn't have the proper wires. Friend Dave and I slaved over the coffee table (the "clues" in the instruction packet were just plain wrong, and none of the holes lined up!).

Word of advice to the readers: DON'T FLY UNITED
They regularly mistreat their customers and send their bags to places like Raleigh, NC.

Apparently, there's a hurricane headed to NY (according to roommate Chad*), but I'm not scared. South Texan boys like me are used to it. Speaking of South Texan boys, I had the pleasure of making the acquiantance of Matt Thomas, a first year masters percussionist at the J-yard, who hails from the tiny town of Port Lavaca, TX. Here's to Texans in the Big Apple!

Sure, I've done nothing but manual labor, prack my cor*, battle the heat, wait for my bag to return, and hunker down for the perfect storm, but this has been a wonderful week. Thanks to my beautiful Molly and her charming roommate for their hospitality.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

silly things



feast your eyes on the new juilliard room signs. 
notice the braille dots below the numbers.
here's a secret: they're not actually raised. they're just printed on the sign. i mean. seriously? 


a text from mum today:

"i think you're going to have to start making crepes 
storing them in your fridge and wrapping leftovers 
and odds and ends in them for lunch."

personally, i think that's silly. especially since my lunch today was leftover lasagna.

how about a spinach salad wrapped in a whole wheat crepe? orrr chickens and six kinds of mustard in a crepe?!!? ok. i'm doing this tomorrow.


earlier today, friend craig and i were at fairway shopping for salad accouterments when we stumbled across prepackaged edible flowers... right next to the pillsbury crescent rolls. i must think of a perfect occasion for which to buy these. maybe some sort of celebratory tea party?
 i wonder how these would be wrapped up in a crepe, mum. 

in other news...

i saw district 9 last night. it was definitely decent (and a good way to safely hide out from the monstrous hurricane that swept the upper west side last night). but i mean, if you've seen any movie about the apartheid or the holocaust, you're probably better off seeing something else. mr movie makers probably could have saved the buck they spent on all of those alien costumes or whatever because they really didn't do much with the mystery of aliens. they might as well have used humans of another race or nationality, or animals. there was nothing really that was interesting or alien-y about the aliens. 
also, i really wasn't into the fact that the main bro, wickus, turned against humans and teamed up with the aliens. despite the fact that there were a few creepy scientists that were performing bizzaro inhuman experiments on the aliens, wickus should not have killed humans for the sake of the aliens. he should have stood by the humans no matter what, because who knows what these aliens are going to do? they could have poured that gooey shit over the whole world and turned everyone into aliens. sorry, that was sorta out. but seriously. 
maybe he should have sacrificed his arm as to not trigger human vs. alien warfare? just a thought.
also, they didn't fully explain how district 9 turned into such a terrible slum. the woman being interviewed said in passing, "we had to house about 1.5 million aliens in one place. so, naturally, it's going to eventually turn into slums." hold the phone, sista. naturally? that's shady. i think that needed some more (as craig says) 'splainin'. 


new roomie chad is finally here!!!!! let the party begin...



dinner tonight. and chyna.



fresh pasta (from fairway)
fresh meat sauce (from fairway)
fresh ricotta (from behind the cheesmonger's secret counter... at fairway)
not unfresh, but not as fresh as it could have been shredded mozzarella (i was lazy and hungry)
more herbs than your life
fresh basil
friend dave
friend craig
friend russel

cousin chyna. she is awesome and hilarious. like this picture.

and now, a la the bass blog, i will compose a haiku:

this post is way lame (minus picture of cousin chyna)
too much practice for this week
lasagna, help me. 



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

weekend trip to tanglewood!

last wednesday was the inaugural dinner party in my new apartment!!

menu was:

spinach salad with tasty honey dijon dressing (p.s. anyone have a good recipe for that?)
my secret mac and cheese made with applewood smoked bacon, smokey gouda, jalepeno jack, gruyere, white cheddar, and pecorino romano 
an impromptu fruit salad 

it looked a little like this...
the absence of any sort of coffee or dinner table added to the, ermmm, charm?

after dinner, friend aziz got a surprise email from the boston symphony orchestra saying they needed him for a concert STAT! we packed our things and left for the berkshires...

and you must understand, i love the berkshires.

so much so that i am going to get married right on the tanglewood grounds... if they let me... and if someone actually agrees to marry me... 

and the wedding shall be catered by loeb's. home of best sandwiches in massachusetts. pictured here from left to right are the italian stallion and the leslie b. don't tell anyone, but these little sandwiches are secretly the real reason that i went to tanglewood this weekend. 

i got serenaded by guy tisdale. who then proceeded to throw down on a lil bartok sonata for two pianos and percussions. 

friends aziz and kyky, pre bso concert. aziz was getting ready to tear up some triangle on la valse!

(i also basked in the sounds of brahms 2, beethoven 4, liszt piano concerto number 2, and the brahms piano concerto number i forget. all in one weekend!! it was fabulous. and the tmc orchestra was amazing!!)

 on sunday morning, tim genis took aziz and i out on his swank boat. it was total swank. 

this is tim wake-boarding. you might be asking yourself, "then who is driving the boat??"

...there's a first time for everything.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

food and furniture

food: so if i'm not at school practicing between the hours of 11 and 7 on any given weekday, i'm most likely perusing the aisles of fairway market or zabar's. it's this new guilty pleasure that i have... playing hooky to look at food. 

... and so that is what i did today, with the good excuse that the only things in my fridge until today were two half eaten pizzas, soy sauce packets, a bottle of soy sauce, and my beloved mustards that i dared not leave at old apartment. 

i think i'll share some of my fave things to do at fairway and/or zabar's:

pick the cheesemonger's brain about (what else?) cheese. when i moved out of the dorms, mum suggested i try a new cheese every week, so i've been doing just that. this week though, with the arrival of friend aziz (of the famed "mac and cheese with aziz), the departure of friend and future second husband brian, and the homecoming of friend pj, a lot of celebrating is to go down with my very special super duper secret homemade mac and cheese. (in other words, there are about five cheese of the week this week). i scoped out the best emmentaler, gruyere, smokey gouda, pepper jack, and pecorino romano money can buy. sorry, wallet. 

check out what mustards i can add to my ever growing mustard shelf. i once dated a guy that asked me if i ever found myself looking for excuses to put ketchup on things. isn't that an awesome question? i'm probably an average ketchup user, but mustard, oy vey, i could live off of that stuff. the best sandwiches that come out of my kitchen usually involve a different kind of mustard on each slice of bread (and then don't be surprised if i get some of the cafeteria honey mustard (that stuff is the crack of mustard) to dip it in). today i bought a green peppercorn mustard that looked creamy and tasty. 

buy fresh pasta. unless i'm cooking carbonara or mac and cheese, there's no way i'm ever buying dried pasta again. ever. try it the whole wheat kind, i dare you.

sample the knishes. this applies exclusively to zabar's because fairway's knish counter is sorta weak (no offense). when i ask for a sample, i usually get some sort of answer along the lines of, "well we don't normally give knish samples, but for you, i think i can sneak one in." thanks, knish boys :-) the best by far is the spinach and potato. 

today at zabar's i stumbled upon this hilarious object:
the vic firth pepper grinder is no new thing to me, but a zabar's vic firth pepper grinder? oh hellllo! can someone give me a good reason why a percussionist that is an aspiring amateur foodie and also jewish shouldn't have a pepper grinder that was made on the same lathe as 30% of her drum sticks and imprinted with the name of her fave jewish deli? 

unfortunately, i spent all of my money on cheese and had none leftover to buy this beauty.  

furniture: of course one of the best parts about a new apartment is making the customary trek(s) out to ikea! here is my most recent ikea adventure documented in some low-quality cell phone pictures...

raise your hand if you're guilty of having driven out to ikea just to eat the swedish meatballs. i am. 

future second husband, brian, and his tasty princess cake.

i have this thing about stuffed animals- i can never EVER throw them out. but when brian came over and saw that i still had this stuffed hippo that an ex boyfriend gave me sitting in my bed, he hid it and then bought me this goofy looking thing to replace it. according to the tag it's a giraffe. but i thought it was a hippo. and brian thought it was a bunny (seriously.) so the giraffe's name is bunny the hippo. 

brian passed out in the chair on the cart waiting to check out

oops! fairway delivery is here...



Monday, August 10, 2009

eating in la jolla and san diego!

hello, grandmum!

i had a very very VERY lovely lunch at whisknladle in downtown la jolla avec the pops, the grandpops, and the grandmum. 

i had some very fresh and very tasty tagliatelle with bolognese sauce and pops had sweat breads (not my cup of tea, but he enjoyed it, contrary to what you might think given his ridiculous face in above photo). 

by far the best part was dessert: basil gelato, red pepper strawberry sorbet, and cantaloupe tomato sorbet. the basil gelato was to. die. for. the red pepper strawby was a close second (the pepper hit you first, backed off, and then made room for the strawby to create an utterly refreshing sensation), and the cantaloupe tomato was interesting but not my fave.

the cocktail list looked incredible. i picked the waitress' brain about where one finds blueberry lavender vodka and she said that they infuse it right there in the restaurant! ohhhh how i wanted a lavender cosmo almost more than another scoop of basil gelato! but, alas, it was 2 in the afternoon. and, alas, i am twelve. 

friend nick tolle and me about to dig in to some freaking tacos

after the ginterview, i naturally had to try la fachada
although it took some convincing for jason to drive allll the wayyy out there (at times like these, i miss new york subways)

jason, our resident fachada expert, ordered for nick and me- carnitas, carne asada, and chickens tacos. 

they were all so incredibly tasty! the tortillas were so fresh (the lady stands in the truck and makes them righhhht there). the tastes were simple, but seasoned absolutely perfectly! there wasn't all the junk in the trunk like a typical t-bell taco- it was simply the meat and some green things (and some self serve guac and salsa). i think the favorite of the three was the carnitas. 

the horchata was ├╝ber tasty as well.

do i support jason's decision in saying this would be his last meal on earth? oh, totally. 
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