Wednesday, August 5, 2009


hello friends and welcome to my new blog! how excited i am to finally be posting, after (what seemed like) hours and hours of finding acceptable layouts, fonts, pictures, etc. Unfortunately, my newness to the blogging community leaves me clueless as to how to use pretty fonts and images like my current fave blogs, the rockstar diaries and the english muse (these blogs also happen to be my inspiration for starting my own!). 
let's get down to business...

this is mia. she's 3 and she's my sister. she knows more about opera than me, and today we went hunting for sharks and mermaids. we're on vacation now visiting our extended family in hermosa beach, ca. my theory on not needing to use sunscreen if i already have a tan failed. oops. 

hello, fishermen!


coooosh said...

Since you were small you have constantly amazed and delighted everyone, by regularly revealing surprising new talents. You are the MOST 'out of the box,' original, creative and SILLY human I have ever known. I am so damn proud of you! Love JYS (p.s., would it kill you to use a capital letter once in a while?)

jlc said...

welcome to the blogosphere... happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

I do not know how to identify myself. I am new at blgging, too.

Hi Molly,

It's your Aunt Adel here. I love your blog.
I got capital letters to come out.

To everyone else...I'm Molly's dad's sister, Linda, but he has called me Adel since I was about 6 so I am Molly's Aunt Adel who lives in Hermosa Beach.

Molly, I wish I could have gone to La Jolla with you and your dad but I had to go to Lake Tahoe to learn an awesome new technique that dramatically helps fibromyalgia patients (and other folks in chronic pain).

Aunt Adel, aka Linda Yeh, D.C., is a chiropractor in Manhattan Beach at Total Body Balance on Sepulveda.

It was great having you, your dad, Teresa and Mia stay with us last week. Julius is sad now that everyone is gone.

Don't forget that you are welcome any time you come to L.A. for anything!

Please continue to blog and post pictures, I love them.

Aunt Adel

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