Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

bye, pig

i accidentally became a vegetarian for the week.

it all happened when i had to do an emergency grocery shopping trip and went to the westside market (i know, it's no whole foods, and it certainly ain't no fairway market... but it does the trick and is on the way home from columbia).

i started at the front in the produce section and loaded up on all sorts of goodies! (including pomegranates!)

...and then i found some tabouli salad that looked nasty good

and some hummus, nuts, etc, etc....

by the time i made it to the meat section, i realized that i had a full basket, including all the protein i need for a week. so i went with it and decided i' d try being a vegetarian for a week...

...and then i walked right over to the tofu to make it official.

so here i go. one week sans porky.

wish me luck?



Sunday, September 27, 2009

bye bye, miami :-(

thank you for being so happy and friendly and warm and welcoming.

you guys are awesome and made my time in miami incredible!

the percussionists: jake, ed, kyle, me, sergio, and rob

i had so much fun making my (quasi) drumset debut...

...this was one of the funnest concerts i have ever played!

also thank you for throwing swannnnk parties...

me and my old juilliard friend ben at said swank party

i hope to see you again soon! (maybe sometime during the cold cold winter months??!?!)



la sandwicherie

friend doug and i discovered a sandwich place that deserves a stop on anyone's sandwich tour. it's a little counter on 14th between collins and washington in miami beach, called

the french dudes who work there serve up an impressive selection of cheese, and some amazingly fresh croissants. they also put little pickles and peppers on the sandwiches. no mustard, but (i know it's weird i'm saying this), they actually didn't need mustard. (i mean, nothing needs mustard, but these sandwiches held their own sans the seeds). 

upon recommendation from the sandwich-man himself, dougie and i ordered




and the brotha did not hold off on piling on the cheese.... mmmmmmmmm

i think i know a thing or two about sandwiches (posts on sandwich tour '09 to come...). and i think i'd have to say that this is definitely among the top five in the country. 

...yes, up there with zingerman's and milburn.

the tastes were really well rounded... all of the veggies went really well together, and the creamy texture of the cheese made for a lot of richness. and the croissants were just perfect. 

the only downside? i don't think any amount of running on the beach would make me feel better about eating this beast.

but.. wait.... WHO CARES?

go. try. sandwicherie.




miami cuisine, as it turns out, involves a lot of empanadas...

friend kyle and i had our fair share at david's cafe.

i also tried half moon, upon on the suggestion from auntie lucy. (it was, like, the baskin robbins of the empanada. i never knew so many flavors existed).

emapanadas are everywhere in miami! 
new york needs more of them. 

i wrote a haiku about them because i love them so much:

mmmm empanadas
you are so tasty and cute
i'd eat you often.



life adventures fund

i had a beautiful day off in miami last week...

it involved waking up at noon, going to the beach, wearing my floppy sun hat, lying in the sun, listening to les noces, and daydreaming about the future. 

the future is one of the best things in the world because everything can be as perfect as you want it to be!!

on this particular day, the future involved a lot of adventures. i like adventures...a lot a lot. 
i dreamt up all of the ultimate adventures i could take in my life and wondered how and when i would actually get to take them. so i thought of an idea: 

the molly life adventures fund
(referred to hereafter as the LAF)

the details of how i add to the fund have yet to be determined, but as i'm making a little bit of a salary this year, i gather i can add bits and pieces to my fund and over time have enough to make some pretty strong adventuring happen. (mum wants my savings to go to a down payment on a house for when i grow up. but what good is settling down in a house if you haven't done enough cool things to merit settling down yet? i guess we can negotiate a happy medium, mum). 

adventures that i will take using the LAF:

a dumpling tour of the world
samosas in india
potstickers in china
gnocchi in italy
pierogies in poland
knödeln in germany

yoga in india

cooking classes in italy

learning things about my roots in china and hungary

carnivale in brazil 

something in paris... i don't know what yet. maybe just finding the best croissant? 

those are the adventures that i've dreamed up so far... i'll add more as they come...



Friday, September 25, 2009

please support...

from the blog of william harvey...

this is, like, hilariously awesome...

"The Paganini Caprice Challenge!

Photo: Peter Schaaf. This is how I will feel when donations come in!

Two hundred years ago, the great Italian virtuoso Niccolo Paganini wrote the hardest pieces ever written for the violin: the 24 Caprices.

For twenty-four weeks, I will learn and record one caprice per week. If a total of $500 has been donated to Cultures in Harmony that week, I will post the video to YouTube. When a new video is posted, I'll let you know via the blog, the Facebook group, and Twitter.

If less than $500 is donated in a given week, then the video cannot be posted until the amount is raised, and we'll send out an e-mail reminding everyone to donate so that we can post the next caprice. Please check out the first three caprices at the webpage of the Paganini Caprice Challenge.

This campaign will raise a total of $11,000 for Cultures in Harmony's projects in 2010. Those projects will involve return visits to many of the places where we have conducted successful projects in the past, as well as a new project in Mauritania.

How You Can Help

  • Forward the videos of the caprices to all your friends. We want these videos to go viral!

  • Donate any amount of money to Cultures in Harmony using the link available on every page of our website. Any amount contributes to the weekly total of $500 per Caprice!

  • Sponsor an entire Caprice by donating $500 to Cultures in Harmony! You will receive a CD or DVD of the Caprice you sponsored as well as acknowledgment at the Paganini Caprice Challenge page. Thank you to Mimi Zweig for sponsoring Caprice No. 3. Mimi is Professor of Violin of Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and my beloved teacher during high school and college.

  • Volunteer to film, supply the location for, art direct, or act in a Caprice video by contacting us.

I hope to be able to post a new caprice every Sunday to give you a fun video to watch to start off your week. So let's keep the donations coming in, and see if you guys can get me to learn, record, and post all twenty-four caprices!

Check out the videos now, and remember: your donations are tax-deductible."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

my friend doug!

last evening i caught up with one of my very good friends
(and also a new addition to the new world symphony trombone section),

we dined at a restaurant that does this thing that's semi common in miami called beat the clock where the price of your meal is the time that you ordered it (we ordered at 5:40 = $5.40 for a ton of carbonara!)
...i guess boobies aren't the only thing getting people in restaurants around here...

and then there was gelato...
my concoction was an equivalent to my choice cocktail, the amaretto sour: lemon sorbet + amaretto gelato = tasties without the woozies.

over the course of our gelato, we realized that next month marks our seven year anniversary as friends!


seven years ago... we were just little nubbins, sitting in the back of youth orchestra together...
playing pictures at an exhibition (a teensy ethan bensdorf nailing the trumpet solo, and everyone's favorite dr dennis conducting...), talking shop during all of our breaks, singing brahms in the parking lot of the steak n shake late at night after cso concerts...

i think this picture is from 2006... when we had already known each other for four years!

and now... we're munching on gelato in miami, playing in new world together...

who woulda thunk?

and who knows what another seven years will bring...

boston symphony?
NY phil?
the community youth wind ensemble volunteer project of boise, idaho?!


here's to seven years, dougie!!!



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

THE life

you know it's been a really fantastic day when the hardest decision you had to make was...




Monday, September 21, 2009

hello, miami!

dejavu? (i was just here!)

i'm subbing with the new world symphony this week :-)


John Adams The Chairman Dances
Edward Elgar In the South
Adam Schoenberg Finding Rothko
Benjamin Britten Young Persons' Guide to the Orchestra

i'm playing castanets and some other things on the britten
and drumset (what the...?) on the adams.
if you've never heard the chairman dances i highly advise you to do so.

the scenario of the piece:

"chiang ch'ing, a.k.a. madame mao, has gatecrashed the presidential banquet. she is first seen standing where she is most in the way of the waiters. after a few minutes, she brings out a box of paper lanterns and hangs them around the hall, then strips down to a cheongsam, skin-tight from neck to ankle and slit up to the hip. she signals the orchestra to play and begins dancing by herself. mao is becoming excited. he steps down from his portrait on the wall and they begin to foxtrot together. they are back in yenan, dancing to the gramophone..."
peter sellars and alice goodman

wouldn't it be so fun to be in that colorful room?

the piece is so dreamy and colorful and exciting. it makes me want to dance and get all groovy and stuff. i could listen to it all day long and bob my head every second of the way.
although i don't know what genius put me on the drumset part (i mean, i do know what genius that was, and i luv him, but come on.)
i literally had a stressful time packing because i have to wear pants all week behind the kit and not my miami-appropriate sun dresses!
(bitch bitch bitch.. life is so tough...i'll shut up now)

in an effort to be economical, i went to the publix and bought sandwich making materials so that i could pack lunches all week (it seems to be the general trend at restaurants in miami to attract customers by the booby size of the hostess rather than quality of the food... so i don't really feel guilty by not indulging in miami beach cuisine). publix, for what it is, actually has a decent mustard selection.
i was for some reason getting into the commercial/artificial food vibe of the publix
(i had ritz crackers and kraft cheese in my cart) and actually almost purchased hellman's honey mustard.
but alas even i probably couldn't have finished the economy sized tube.
so i got a cute little sweet hot inglehoffer with honey.

okee. wish me luck this week everybody!



Sunday, September 20, 2009

life is beautiful. seriously beautiful.

after a lonnnnnng day which included:
-tour guide training
-searching for my phone
-failing at finding my phone
-purchasing a new phone
-practicing on broken, poopy sounding crotales
-schlepping up town with percussion things because my subway stop is out of service

i finally returned back to apartment...
 where the distress only heightened because of my poorly stocked fridge (go figure...) 
and high level of hunger (i had bigger things to worry about this morning than packing a lunch).

so for about five minutes, i ran around my apartment 
being stressed, 
looking at all of the dishes in the sink, 
plugging in new phone to charge, 
drawing a diagram on the bathroom chalkboard detailing to roomie how exactly one changes a roll of toilet paper,
 etc etc...


there was knock-ity knock at my door...

i opened the door and it was neighboor corey...

at which point he uttered a few of the most beautiful words in the english language:

"do you want some matzoh ball soup?"

i was shocked. 
completely shocked at how perfect the world was at that very moment.
at how perfect the timing was.
at how perfect of a remedy for my not-so-perfect weekend this was.
and of course at how perfect corey's gramma's matzoh ball making skillz are.

neighbor corey, i love you.


and then when i returned to my apartment and opened the fridge, there was a box from magnolia in it. 
(don't tell roomie, but i stole a few bites of the enclosed carrot cake.)

it's like the world was just SPEWING up happiness into my face.


i love you all so much.



nico put it perfectly,

"I wish I had more things to say; 
this period of time has been marred by real estate anxiety
 and a huge amount of writing 
a lot of circular, directionless thought."

all i can think to say is, 
that the way the sun hits the leaves 
on the tree outside of my room is beautiful. 


missing phone

looks like this:

answers to the name of rupert.
last seen in harlem.
if found... find me? 
reward: seven layer bars, 
whoopie pies, lemon squares, 
cupcakes, mac and cheese,
 a three tiered cake, 
my car, 
my soul. 



Saturday, September 19, 2009

a little inspiration please?

{little thoughts}

1. i wouldn't mind having a castle in the berkshires.

2. teaching is great fun! i taught my two first private lessons today and i loved it! i wore a good teacher outfit too, i might say. (it involved a sweater dress).

3. there are two movies that i am beyond excited about: cloudy with a chance of meatballs. and where the wild things are. (the latter mostly because the arcade fire is doing the score).

4. i sincerely hope that there is a picnik-aholics anonymous.

5. my tap class is REALLY hard. this man is a whackadoodle-slash-amazing teacher (he taught the boys in billy elliot!). it's such fun. but, alas, maybe i am in too far over my head for being a music major in a dance major class? oopsies. 

6. if my oven weren't still kaput from bake fest, i would make homemade fig newtons for friend craig.

7. puppy's butts are about as hilarious as hilarious can get.

8. i've been neglecting pizza night for the past few weeks (pizza night in the yeh-shinbrood household is traditionally every friday). which makes me sort of in the mood for some lou mal's

9. i'm taxed. and exhausted from the week. and i got a little sad yesterday. and am sort of unsatisfied with this post. and am feeling a little uninspired because now that school has started, it's as if every day is planned out minute by minute.

but guess what? it's ok. because i just bought some really SWEET green nail polish. 

and because there are so many awesome people in this world that i love so much!



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