Sunday, September 27, 2009

bye bye, miami :-(

thank you for being so happy and friendly and warm and welcoming.

you guys are awesome and made my time in miami incredible!

the percussionists: jake, ed, kyle, me, sergio, and rob

i had so much fun making my (quasi) drumset debut...

...this was one of the funnest concerts i have ever played!

also thank you for throwing swannnnk parties...

me and my old juilliard friend ben at said swank party

i hope to see you again soon! (maybe sometime during the cold cold winter months??!?!)



1 comment:

coooosh said...

Thank you to all the New World people for being so awesome. Since I couldn't be there )-:, )-: for the concert, it makes me feel so much better knowing that Molly had such a fabulous time thanks to all of you. (-: Love, Mum

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