Saturday, October 31, 2009

and furthermore, if one of your bffs is in town and you need a midday empanada...

put on some billy joel
and head downtown (well, downtown for me)
to el centro on 54th

me + bestie brian = eternal luv

i had goat cheese empanadas
and a tamale
(apparently i still can't manage to get over dumpling binge)
bestie brian had a chilaquile

not only did their food totally hit the spot,
but the chochkies on the wall were also totally cute.

oh... and mike tyson walked by, mid-empanada.



if it's 2am and you need a burger...

go to landmarc.
i promise you... with their buttery buns and classy cheese selections, you won't be disappointed.




Tuesday, October 27, 2009

there comes a point
when rehearsing doesn't feel like rehearsing anymore
when instead
you feel like you're sitting in the best seat of a concert

and the room just oozes with inspiration...

hello, MTT :-)

i am so excited for this concert!

tomorrow, the juilliard orchestra plays:

harrison pacifika rondo, 1. the family of the court
chen er huang: concerto for piano and orchestra
lang lang, piano
mahler das lied von der erde
anne sofie von otter, mezzo soprano

i'll be at the back. hitting stuff.

i'd love to see you all there!



Sunday, October 25, 2009

the new york city dumpling festival

{can you think of a better idea for a festival? i can't.}

drats, i missed the dumpling eating competition!

unfortunately, by the time i got there, the gnocchi, the idli, the tamales, the kuih koci, and the pierogis were all gone!

so i devoured some bao...

sans soy sauce? i don't recommend.

...and i sampled a filipino dish called a palitaw

it's a gooey rice cake covered in coconut, and then topped with brown sugar and sesame seeds.
not too sweet! very delicious...

... and then i was still hungry
(naturally, anyone would starve themselves all day in preparation for a festival like this...)

so i continued on my own little dumpling tour of the lower east side.

i FINALLY got to yonah schimmel's
and tried a jalepeno knish.

it was... ok...

i'm just into a lot of crust in my knishes, and this one sort of whimped out.

is it total faux pas to prefer zabar to yonah?

for a sweet ending to my dumpling filled day, i headed up to the dumpling man on st. marks street for

pumpkin dumplings!

soooo doughy and delicious.

and the sauce they pour over them is so sweet!
(and sticky... i know because half of it somehow ended up dripping down my left arm)

oh dumplings, how i love you so!



Saturday, October 24, 2009

congratulations, stoop!

sister just landed a fantastic job!
she is the brand spankin new pastry chef at takashi in chicago!
yay stoopie!!!!

{these are pictures of some of her creations from a few years ago when she was still in culinary school}



the british are coming, the british are coming!

i saw a very good performance of das lied von der erde this evening
at avery fisher hall

...bernard haitink played the stick, christianne stotijn was the beeeeeautiful mezzo,
and mr tenor was richard margison

goodness! that piece is just so powerful! it has every emotion, and it gets so so sooo dark at the end, but sooo heart wrenchingly beautiful. i didn't want it to end. i wanted to hold on to every last little bit of the dying end (when miss mezzo was pretty much owning it).

i loved watching the percussion section.
did you know they often sit when they play??
mr triangle/tambourine/tamtam sat pretty much the whole time, and also did the triangle rolls with two hands.
and mr glockenspiel sounded so different, but so TIGHT!

one small bit about the experience really did not make me happy.
before it began, before the leader (leader is apparently what they call the concertmaster across the pond!) walked on stage,
mrs. god got on the announcer and made a disclaimer for mr. tenor.


it went something like, "ladies and gentleman, richard margison, our tenor for the evening, has come down with a cold and would like you to bear that in mind during tonight's performance."

i mean, she might as well have said,

"ladies and gentleman, richard margison, our tenor for the evening, has come down with a cold and would like you to know that that is the reason he is going to BLOW tonight."

let me quickly say that he didn't blow.

he was in fact really good.

and there was absolutely no reason for a (excuse my french)


if it's that bad that you need to solicit mrs. god to make an announcement in front of zillions of people who spent good money (or good time stubbing in), then don't sing.

12 cupcakes says that no one in the audience would have known mr. voice was with cold, had announcement not been made.
mr. margison was good.
he didn't need a disclaimer.
no one ever needs disclaimers.
especially as you are about to walk on to the stage of avery fisher to sing one of composers' greatest gifts to society.

continuing on about the london invasion

"percussionists are like the hussein bolts of the music world"
-david jackson

david jackson, the LSO's cymbal player gave a wonderful masterclass yesterday at my school!
his cymbal sound is so different from american cymbal sound.
the notes are more elongated, and the whole choreography of the crash is so relaxed and smooth.
i've never seen cymbals played with such artistic grace.
he played the la mer cymbal part for us, and the way he mixed sounds of the suspended cymbals was like mixing colors to paint a picture (his analogy, not mine :-). it was so complex and TIGHT!
it was so fascinating hearing such a different perspective on cymbals.

it makes me actually want to practice cymbals...

oh no. i'm falling asleep.

tomorrow is the new york city dumpling festival.



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

if you're feeling pooey and want to go on a blog hiatus...

{this is what you should do instead}

shoot up with some vitamins b12
practice the vibraphone until your hands bleed
listen to sigur rós
eat at the place (have their sweet potater ravioli)

try a scallop!!

75 1/2 bedford street

stroll around the village, peruse the beautiful houses...
like the ones with red doors
and the ones with addresses that are not whole numbers.

eat cake and stuff.


i told you hiatus would only last a day.



post script:

my apologies for being too excited about the red velvet cake ice cream to about it...

so... two boots:

go there.
despite the fact that the sista and the brotha behind the counter needed a happy pill,
or a better job,
or something real to be sad about
(working at an ice cream and pizza shop doesn't count).
i mean, seriously, you should have seen the horrified looks on their faces when i walked in and said,


excuse me for being happy to be there.
*flips hair*

josh and i ate pizzas. i had a slice of the mel cooley and the mr pink
(i think? what's with the names?)
they were pretty darn tasty. the crust was spectacular, despite the fact that sista burnt mr pink.

of course the whole time i was looking forward to the ice cream though.

it was pink-ish, with little pieces of white cake, no frosting.
it was so good.
i mean, sometimes i wonder if i would be able to tell red velvet cake in a blind taste test if it didn't have the cream cheese frosting. but, i don't know what it was, this ice cream actually hit it on the nose. maybe there's cream cheese in the ice cream? ooooh weeeeeird.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

keep calm and carry on

until i finally start becoming productive this semester,
i am going on blog hiatus.

relax, it'll prolly be like a day.



Sunday, October 18, 2009

red velvet cake ice cream?!

friend josh that i have known foreva, since my first year at camp chi, was in town this weekend.

we went to two boots in noho and had







sad pandas

closing night of the david chesky show that i was playing in the east village was last night.

i am sad about this.
it was so silly and wild and fun.
if you don't know david's musics, check it out right now.



Saturday, October 17, 2009

happy birthday!!!!!!

two of my most favorite people turned one year wiser and one year awesomer yesterday...

sarah shu
my half chinese brother.
that i (tap) danced with in high school.
and shared a prom group with.
and who faithfully visits me in nyc every year
so that we can try on expensive dresses at bergdorf's,
and watch spring awakening 7 times.

yay, salah!


happy 29th birthday, mum.
i love our adventures together
and i can't wait for you to visit again!!
everybody send mum good thoughts because she was sick on her birthday :-(

happy birthday!
i love you both!



have you heard?

the chicago symphony orchestra announced their new composers in residence...

cso, that is so hip of you.

i'm way excited.



why have one date when you can have TWO?

i couldn't choose!
so i said, "to hell with it,"
and bought a third ticket.
one for me
one for craig
and one for alex!


so thursdee night, we congregated at the 34th street imax and put on our crowns...
alex and craig in their cute little homemade starbucks coffee cup crowns, me in my gold max crown.

and in we went...

to see
what was one of the most
i have ever seen.

the score, the scenery, the wild things, the script, the message, the feeling that i got...
all so beautiful.

even now when i think back to watching it, i feel like there's a big fluffy blanket cuddling over me.

i want to see it again now please!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow!!!

i'm counting down the minutes! i cannot wait!!!

there was a red carpet in front of my school yesterday for the premiere in alice tully hall.
not fair!

so close, yet so far.

a few last date candidates...

candidate tony

tony plays the big saxophone. he hails from "michigan michigan..." (5 dollars if you know that song by joe reilly)

mynameisyeh: what is the largest material object that you would give to see this movie right now?
tony: (picks up a cup of apple juice from the OSA and places it in front of me) that apple juice.
m: what is the largest non-material object that you would give to see this movie right now? (examples: a hug, a pat on the back, etc).
t: i will not do labor.
m: what would you wear to the show?
t: anything you want me to wear.
m: will you wear that crown?
t: yes
m: why should you be my date this show?
t: cause i'm stupid awesome.

candidate alex

alex plays the big cello.

mynameisyeh: what is the largest material object that you would give to see this movie right now?
alex: my roommate.
m: what is the largest non-material object that you would give to see this movie right now? (examples: a hug, a pat on the back, etc).
a: my heart.
m: what would you wear to the show?
a: anything you want me to wear. (sounds familiar)
m: why should you be my date this show?
a: because you need a big buff man to accompany you. (for comedic effect, see above photo).

candidate craig

craig plays cor.

mynameisyeh: what is the largest material object that you would give to see this movie right now?
craig: i'll buy a star on the internet for you.
m: what is the largest non-material object that you would give to see this movie right now? (examples: a hug, a pat on the back, etc).
c: blind fervent admiration.
m: what would you wear to the show?
c: blue jeans. a pair of worn out toms. a t shirt.
this black jacket. and my blue hat.
also, i'd get a crown and put it on top of my blue hat.
m: why should you be my date this show?
c: cause i'm a monster. i'm a wild thing.

it's either white jeans, a star, some apple juice...
errrmm... shiny shoes...
or alex's roommate? (at least he's a good composer...)
decisions decisions... i have 24 hours exactly.

(random) a text i just received from friend nick, a.k.a. mr cynical:

"are you gonna arrange the soundtrack to
where the wild things are for
laptop and percussion ensemble
and then play it at le poisson rouge?"

i shouldn't be, but i'm sooo amused.

and speaking of amusing things... this just in from my aunt lucy:

my next investment will be the entire line of beaver mustard.

also. absconded? that needs to join my limited vocabulary.



Monday, October 12, 2009

wallsé, holy s***

{mum's visit continued}

ladies and gentlemen,
i'd like you all to recall my schnitzel rant.
(ok, i know it wasn't a rant. it was more or less a praise for the famed and illustrious schnitzel truck... but let's all agree that you'd be slightly sour too if one of your all time fave foods had to come out of a truck that you could only chase down via twitter.)

well, mum really overdid herself this time on the schnitzel radar.
she surprised me with a little restaurant in the west village by the name of wallsé.
now, to be honest, until this weekend, i really had not had a meal that quite compared to that one drop dead delicious feast at enoteca vespaio in austin years back.
but (to reiterate the title of this post)

wallsé, holy shit.

kurt gutenbrunner is the chef,
and wallsé is the name of his hometown in austria.
so, being austrian, he's naturally going to know a good schnitzel.

...but a fantastically mouth-gasmic,
size of your head,
crisped to perfection (with little folds of extra fried crispy-ness),
out of this world wienerschnitzel?

this man is not just a native austrian,
he's a fucking super hero.

it was almost shocking how good this meal was. this schnitzel, it had a few friends:

lemons (extra lemons, of course)
spätzle with quark cheese (hold the rabbit bits for me, please)
potato and cucumber salad (never have i ever before liked potater salad, but this was delicious)


an elderberry gimlet
the bartender in this joint also happens to be a super hero of sorts
however at one point during the evening i had an error in judgement and ordered a pepper vodka drink with tomato something. (i guess i was intrigued by the pepper vodka?)
it made me want to puke my brains out.
but good thing herr waiter was nice and instead brought me some light riesling.

...all of schnitzel's friends worked so well together! the sweetness of the lingonberries + the sour lemons + the crispy hot schnitzel and the cool refreshing potaters... and i mean, the spätzle, ohhhh the spätzle.
it was like mac and cheese's stylish high society older sister.

we couldn't believe how fast we ate.
it was like a kuhn's date on steroids.

and might i also mention that the decor and ambiance were perfect as well. so relaxing! and our corner table was perfect for people watching and.. chilling...

oh.. and... ummm...

we somehow had room for dessert.

dessert was a homemade mozart kugeln on a light crispy carmel-y (?) cookie
with pistachios and gold to top it off.
i think that speaks for itself, no?

oy vay, i can't think of enough nice things to say about this place!

i'm most definitely coming back here:
a) every time that mum visits, and
b) whenever i want

i love you, wallsé.



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