Saturday, October 17, 2009

happy birthday!!!!!!

two of my most favorite people turned one year wiser and one year awesomer yesterday...

sarah shu
my half chinese brother.
that i (tap) danced with in high school.
and shared a prom group with.
and who faithfully visits me in nyc every year
so that we can try on expensive dresses at bergdorf's,
and watch spring awakening 7 times.

yay, salah!


happy 29th birthday, mum.
i love our adventures together
and i can't wait for you to visit again!!
everybody send mum good thoughts because she was sick on her birthday :-(

happy birthday!
i love you both!




nicole addison said...

aww happy birthday to those two! i hope you're moms feeling better. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog lady :)

dim sum monster said...

i am just now seeing this. cute. i hope my visit lived up to the hype

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