Tuesday, October 27, 2009

there comes a point
when rehearsing doesn't feel like rehearsing anymore
when instead
you feel like you're sitting in the best seat of a concert

and the room just oozes with inspiration...

hello, MTT :-)

i am so excited for this concert!

tomorrow, the juilliard orchestra plays:

harrison pacifika rondo, 1. the family of the court
chen er huang: concerto for piano and orchestra
lang lang, piano
mahler das lied von der erde
anne sofie von otter, mezzo soprano

i'll be at the back. hitting stuff.

i'd love to see you all there!



1 comment:

alissa said...

I didn't realize that was the same corner from friends! dammit alissa pay more attention haha.

You MUST eat at the Little Owl. I had the grilled chicken, my husband had some duck dish - both of us were really happy with our choices! mine came with these brussel sprouts that were basically amazing. we did a side dish of the cauliflower and brocolli - so simple but so good. And we had the tasty cookie dessert.
It was like the perfect cool fall day and they gave us the perfect cozy table by the window. Loved it!

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