Saturday, December 12, 2009

bits and things

1. on my walk to school today, i made a mental note that,
"no, it is not warm today in new york city."
and one block later i saw a sign for a soon to be opened

my excitement made me forget how absurd it is for an italian ice shop to open in december.
rita's italian ice is the best sterile institution in america.
i could eat that stuff every day.
especially when they have pistachio.

2. i played the john adams chamber symphony last night in alice tully hall.
i loves me some john adams.
especially when he writes for the drumset
(errr, drumset - cymbals + rototoms x a whole roll of duck tape for dampening purposes)
i was a bit afraid of playing loudly though because in alice tully hall
if you scratch your forehead the wrong way,
the brotha in the back row of the audience will hear it.
...and i like playing loud?
{read the review here}

3. vosges mo's bacon chocolate chip pancake mix?
yes, plz.

4. a mediumly boiled egg from ramen setagaya is number 7 in time out new york's best food of 2009.
ummm k.

5. i've eaten nothing but hot pockets for the past week.

6. i think wasabi would make for a good ice cream flavor.
(or maybe my taste buds are skewed from said daily hot pockets?)

7. my holiday playlist:

sufjan stevens' christmas album
owl city's ocean eyes

8. happy first night of hanukkah




Same New Story said...

yummmm @ number 3.

Melissa said...

Happy Hanukkah! Wasn't it FREEZING yesterday?!

Celeste said...

owl cityyyyyyy! i have them on repeat :)

cerealjoe said...

I believe there exists wasabi flavoured ice cream. I have yet to try it but it should be rather good.

Lise said...

Ooooh Happy Hanukkah! The family I am staying with on my south african holiday are Jewish so I'm about to experience my first hanukkah (the tail-end anyway) when I get there in 4 days - SO excited!

alexandria leigh said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i love the idea of nothing sad! your blog is awesome! congrats on Julliard! i'm so jealous, i wish i could dance, sing and play music like i pretend i can! ha! i hope you can stay warm up there!

nicole addison said...

oh ritas sweedish fish and blueberry! yum!! and ps that reality is not for me project idea sounds amazing, just saying;) have a great week lady!

Katy Mary said...

I love Owl City. And that pancake mix looks delicious!!

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