Wednesday, December 9, 2009

if santa claus and hanukah harry had a love child...

{this is what i would ask him for}

1. a camera...

as my baby canon that i've had forever just died :-(

2. this marc by marc jacobs beauty.
i mean, duh, it's mustard yellow.

3. tickets to the ring at bayreuth
" the majority of cases we shall be able to deal with first-time applicants only after a period of several years"
-the baruther festpielehaus on applying for tickets

4. an old fashioned record player + some old french records,
a la jenny from an education
{and a fire place in my apartment to sit by and listen...}

5. a life long membership to murray's cheese of the month club

{...and also... stocking stuffers rock my WORLD}

matte nail polish
a leather {lined} journal


...and a roger cline volume adjustable ratchet
{don't even ask}

that's all, schmanta clausenstein.




Melissa said...

Too funny! And I love your list. I'm obsessed with matte nail polish so good choice!

Red Boots said...

Cheese of the month club? Man, New York is way too ahead of Edinburgh. Maybe I should open a cheese shop, and start a cheese of the month club. I love a good bit of cheese, and I'm STILL salivating over the very thought of mustard cheese.

elle said...

seriously drooling over cheese and that nail polish!

ema.leigh said...

umm... you should have that marc jacobs bag. than then you should wear it for me.

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