Wednesday, December 16, 2009

it's out.

everybody, my very first recording has just been released!

it features the pops,
but him and i are soloing on one of the tracks together :-)

we recorded it when i was in high school and it has just now come out!
{i can still taste the AMAZING southern comfort food we ate when we were staying in columbus, georgia to record}

the piece i'm in is
michael burritt's
duo concertante for clarinet, percussion, and wind ensemble
it is SO FUN to play!
marimba + lots of loud drums... my fave :-)

so.... in case you're in need of a holiday present for that friend
who has a thing for clarinet and percussion music,
order it here




Celeste said...

this is so cool! is there any chance you could post an audio file so we could hear a sample?

Tom said...

You can preview it in the iTunes store, Celeste. Search for Molly's name and it comes up!

ema.leigh said...

babygirl! i'm so proud of you!!! I WISH i had your talents!!

Melissa said...

This is so exciting, congratulations!

marissa said...

AWESOME! :) myeh and jyeh!


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