Thursday, December 17, 2009

shameless loves, by elle

things that elle loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. cole haan shoes and handbags. it helps that i have the secret 50% off weapon...or maybe it doesn't help.

2. when my 5-pound-maltese acts mean and tough. he thinks he's such a gangster, but i think he's too cute!

3. perfect manicure colors that make me feel like i felt when i was a kid and my mom would paint my nails. i love these colors so much that I've spend an undisclosed amount of money in search for the perfect shades for every season.

4. body piercings. inside i know that I am a little too old to still feel like a rebel over a pierced ear, nose or bellybutton. truth be told, i'm just a wannabe rebel.

5. country music. what a girl who loves punk and ska is doing jamming out to kenny chesney is unexplainable.

6. fried foods. i can't go out to eat when i'm trying to lose weight, because i have no self control. when i see breaded jalapeƱos or teriyaki chicken wings on the menu, it's all over.

7. boutique shopping. i too-often forgo sweet deals in favor of small shops where all of the attention is on me!

8. cheese! brie, gruyere, gouda, cream cheese, cheddar, goat cheese, pepper jack. it's really out of control. wow is a girl ever supposed to lose a few pounds when she is burdened with such a passion for cheese?

9. online shopping. i never realize just how much i've shopped until the UPS man arrives.

10. education. i aspire to be a career student and as anyone who has student loans knows, this comes with a large price tag.

yay cheese! you have come to the right blog :-)

thank you, miss elle!
and a very happy no shame (december) to you!



{p.s. that pic above is elle + her adorable doggie!}


Same New Story said...

awww what a cute puppy! and oh jeeze, me too with the fried food! i will eat anything that is fried.

Celeste said...

i relate so much! i'm all about the cheese and fried things :)

cerealjoe said...

Coming from a cheese lover, cheese will never make you fat if you're a real cheese lover. It's the bread along with the cheese that makes it bad. Or at least that's my excuse for stuffing myself exclusively with cheese when I go back to my parents' (but hey, they go to specialised shops to buy my favourite cheeses because in Marseille there aren't many places where you can find Bleu de Gex).

Margarita said...

Aww, I love everything on her list! Cole Haan, country music and cheese cheese cheese especially!!

elle said...

Thanks for featuring my shameless loves Molly!

I think we need to start a cheese-lovers blog!

I love that so many people can relate to my shameless loves.


daisychain said...

hurrah! I love posts like these.

Katy Mary said...

Haha so many of these are just like me <3

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