Wednesday, December 9, 2009

shameless loves, by sarah

things that sarah loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. online shopping/fashion sites. shopbop, revolveclothing, gilt, whowhatweardaily, etc etc etc

2. matt damon

3. shameless girl crush on sienna miller

4. eating/drinking at starbucks using their glassware,
and then sneakily walking out with it.
i almost have a full dinnerware set

5. nick jonas, the youngest of the jonas brothers.

6. dim sum. all day, baby.

7. flannel shirts

8. whenever i go grocery shopping i head straight to the bakery department, grab the first carb that catches my eye, then finish the entire thing before checking out. (don’t worry, i pay for it.)

9. things with rhinestones/sequins

10. super nintendo

11. IKEA. everything about it. especially that it inexplicably smells like cinnamon buns

12. dirty, hole-in-the-wall breakfast places. the greasier, the better

sarah is one of my very best friends and i am so happy that she made this list!!
take note at number 6, as sarah and i are DIM SUM MONSTERS.

thank you, miss sarah!
and a very happy no shame (december) to you!




Celeste said...

dim sum is delicious!

Celeste said...

ps - thanks for the confirmation about going to salzburg and suggestion to hit up vienna!

Anonymous said...

Love you Salah!!!! ...mum

salah said...

jody y-s!! i will be coming over to your house this winter break to visit you and gracie and george and to eat alllll your quiche.

molly, post our photo shoot pictures on fb. we look good. i mean really good. if i weren't us, i'd be jealous of us.

Lise said...

Hehe this is clasic. The starbucks dinner set? Awesome! Im gonna start my own right here in sydney. But how the hell do you walk out without them noticing??

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