Monday, November 30, 2009

what do you get when you smash together two of the greatest things in the world?!




beemster gouda with mustard seeds is the cheese of the week.




shameless loves, by melissa

things that melissa loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. costume jewelry - i love, love, love costume jewelry and spend way too much money on it. you can have all your gold and silver... i'll take giant plastic baubles for $3 from flea markets and teen clothing chains. i'm especially obsessed with rings and earrings. the bigger, the better.

2. chick flicks - i love thought-provoking indie dramas, but i'd choose a light and fluffy romantic comedy over them any day. the cuter the story, and the hotter the male lead, the better. my favorites are serendipity, someone like you and something new. simon baker, hugh jackman, and john cusack? yes, yes and yes.

3. brownies - all chocolate will do, but brownies take the cake. i could live on them. i won't, but i could.

4. reality tv - i'm shamelessly addicted. i don't care what anyone thinks about my beloved real world, bachelor, So you think you can dance, tough love, survivor, amazing race, etc. they're awesome and entertaining. i even watched all of farmer wants a wife and amish in the city... and loved them both.

5. celebrity gossip - whether i'm spending the day checking perez hilton, or spending way too much money on a subscription to US weekly, i have a sick fascination with who's doing what, where and with whom. i especially love the who wore it better features.

6. cher - she's totally my idol! who else can say they've had a #1 hit single in every decade since the 60s? shes fabulous and amazing, and i've used the over 100-songs of hers i have on my zune as a soundtrack to my life.

7. midtown manhattan - i know, i know. downtown's the place to be. it's where all the bars and clubs are, and where the cool kid's hang out. well i don't care. i love the hustle and bustle of midtown. times square's usually a crowded mess, but what's more exciting than being in the middle of that huge avenue with bright lights and tons of people surrounding you? rockefeller center's my second home. you can keep your bars and clubs, cool kids; i'd take broadway any day.

8. vampires - oh vampires, how i love you so. true blood's the best. it's risque, exciting and gritty. the books are great too. i also love the vampire diaries on the cw. it's scarier than i'd expected, and the ian somerhalder/paul wesley team is only the hottest thing on tv. twilight I'm not thrilled with - the book's were horribly written and the acting in the movies is atrocious. there's something that still draws me into the story though... the simplicity of the relationship between bella and edward reminds me of my views of love at 12.

9. department stores - there's something magical about department stores to me. they're just too big, festive and climate-controlled. i love wandering around, taking the escalators to different floors and taking it all in. i especially love the bedding section where you can try out all the beds and imagine how you'd decorate your dream bedroom. loves it. especially around the holidays.

10. disney - i adore all things disney! i'd rather watch aladdin and the little mermaid than any adult movie out there. i've been to disney world 6-times and would go every summer if i could. disney on ice? i'm bringing my cousin early next year. and i'm guilty of going up to the world of disney on 5th ave just to take pictures with the characters more than once.

chick flicks? i'm adding that one to my list :-)

thank you, miss melissa!
and a very happy no shame november to you!



p.s. just because november is almost over doesn't mean we can't still be shameless!!
i have a few more lists to post...
and if you still would like to email me yours,
i will shamelessly post it in december :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

shameless loves, by rhianne

things that rhianne loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. putting crisps in my sandwiches – especially ready salted ones.

2. looking at expensive handbags though i know i can’t afford them.

3. watching childrens tv and films – at the moment we are watching yo gabba gabba all the time!

4. the final countdown – we might be buying lego rockband just for that song…

5. chocolate things for breakfast – coco pops, chocolate muffin, chocolate breakfast bars…. i love!

6. looking at pet photography blogs – i really want a puppy and the more i look at them, the more i want one.

7. changing into my pajama's as soon as i get home - especially in the winter!

8. melted mozzarella

9. staying in bed when boyfriend has to get up
10. stomping up the stairs when i'm in a bad mood

and in the spirit of things, i will shamelessly admit that i did not know what "crisps" are!
rhianne cleared it up- they're potato chips :-)

thank you, miss rhianne!
and a very happy no shame november to you!



Thursday, November 26, 2009

gobble gobble

thanksgiving in tampa

i'm thankful for palm trees
the sun

i'm thankful that cousins have me over to their beautiful house

i'm thankful that i'm somehow related to a balloon artist

...and i'm even more thankful that he made this
hella sweet cupcake balloon hat

i'm thankful for
sister stoopie + mum

"two stoops eating soup"

it was one big cooking party...

is there really anything better than cooking with your family all day??

yes, silly.
{it's drinking with your family all day...}

sister stoop + man

time to work up an appetite...

i'm thankful for these adorable place settings made by little cousins!

carving the tryptophan...

i'm thankful for this!!!!

good thing i wore my eating pants

this year's strategy for a successful pig-out
{inspired by the gobbler at the milburn deli}

1. slice open a sister schubert's roll
hailing from the south,
these rolls pack so much buttery goodness into one tiny morsel.
if you've never had one, get them now (they're available online).
i could eat six pans in one sitting.
2. spread on a dollop of cranberry sauce
3. slap on a slice of turkey, preferably covered in gravy
4. shovel on some stuffing
5. close, and eat like a sandwich
6. repeat
7. repeat
8. repeat
(etc etc)

i am sooooo thankful for my family!!!

i am also thankful that little cousin mia is the future leila josefowicz...

and most of all,
i am thankful for sharpie marker


time to hit the gym...



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a few of my favorite new york places...

{for a certain miss ema that will be making her way to the island in a few days...}

for chrismikah present shopping...

the best little girlie chochkies
from new designers
...and the gift wrapping is the best part!

for some late night greasy food...

the BEST belgian fries and a zillion sauces.
and they're served in a cone!
also open way past my bed time.

performance venue

sometimes there are bizzaro things going on in this joint.
but other times there are awesome things like my friends' bands!


half dance club, half concert venue
full bar
their concerts are wayyy to hip for me. but i try anyways :-)

thrift store

in brooklyn!
it's HUGE and simply too good to be true.

tea time

(dear ema,
i am actually ordering you to go here.
you will not regret it.)
their pumpkin scones = heaven!


(duh.. who doesn't have an inner carrie bradshaw?)


they have a green tea and a chocolate soufflé cupcake!

shopping areas

bleecker street
1 train to christopher street
(marc jacobs, BABY marc jacobs, mulberry, magnolia, intermix, olive and bettes, jack spade, cynthia rowley)

b or d train to broadway-lafayette

L train to bedford
cute little antique and thrift shops
and shops where you can get things that you will NOT find anywhere else!
(and no, ema, not williamsburg, virginia :-)


in brooklyn.
just allow yourself for about a two hour wait, no joke!
and worth it.
delicious sicilian!

dumont burger in williamsburg
5napkin burger (my favorite of the faves!)

burger joint at le parker meridien
landmarc at the time warner center in columbus circle

more food and drinksies

a whole restaurant devoted just to mac and cheese?
yes please.

home to one of the best meals of my life!
if you're into wienerschnitzel :-)

cheap, authentic japanese food.
you crouch on little stools while they play japanese songs from the 30s.

a total establishment.
they didn't allow women in until recently.
and there's saw dust on the ground for easier cleaning of puke and blood.
just two kinds of beer- light and dark,
and crackers + the spiciest mustard you've ever had in your life.

this place is huge and half of it is outdoors.
i sometimes feel hipped out by the native downtowners...
but it's fun anyways :-)

...and you can always just go on a dumpling tour


i've never actually been here,
but it's a park built on an old elevated train rail.
i hear it is super awesome fawesome.


i mean, of course there's always lady libs.
what up, miss thang?

and when your feet are killing you from all that running around...

pedis + drinks.
'nuff said.

have so much fun, ema!!



Monday, November 23, 2009


9-12:15 rehearsal
12:15-9 practice

break, please.



Sunday, November 22, 2009

shameless loves, by aziz

things that aziz loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1.fruit - ESPECIALLY berries, but really any fruit. i would eat fruit, at any time, no matter what other food is available - even over chocolate, even over BEER...totally not ashamed...

2. reading the news - all day - everyday - every source i can find - i can't stop - i don't want to stop - also not ashamed...

3. boston percussion speak
a. boston "up" talk
b. saying things are "out"
c. ..."there it is..."
d. "it's fine!"
e. "gape"
f. "i meeeeeaaaaan"
g. big leagues
etc etc etc

4. trivia. like, did you know that the first country to recognize the US diplomatically was croatia?

5. great advertising- especially man themed commercials- current best: old spice.

6. justin......timberlake - duh. also dwayne "the rock" johnson. they are always the best part of whatever they are in...think about it...anyone get that?

7. defacing recital posters and fliers left on the nec percussion department one can hang with nec percussion defacings - one time, a temple percussionist sent his recital poster to us, just so we could deface it and send it back...that's how we roll.

8. the rain

9. tim and eric awesome show, great job. even though it makes me want to jump off a bridge.

10. ms. molly yeh's mac-n-cheese. you will never have better.

11. brunettes - cause they look better. there it is.

12. dan bauch, he's just turbo charged.

13. "single ladies" music video...and i'mma let you finish, but - beyoncé had one of the best videos of ALL TIME...

14. bus trips to nyc...

what up, number 10 :-)

thank you, mister aziz!
and a very happy no shame november to you!



Friday, November 20, 2009

weekend pot WEEKEND POT

happy weekend everybody!!

i know where i'm going this sunday for brunch...



{photo by me, at the broadway restaurant}

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

happy birthday, sister!!

older sister
turned 24 today

that's her on the right.

24 things about stoop

1. she is three and a half years older than me
2. her real name is jenna
3. she is a fantastical chef!
4. she is famous for her guacamole
5. she used to play the french horn
6. she likes to steal my clothes
7. we used to ice skate together A LOT
8. she is in love with the back to the future trilogy
9. her hair once consisted of one. huge. dreadlock.
10. she, and she alone brought into style the term, "hella ill."
11. she had to finish her physics final in high school after she graduated
12. she went to mcgill for a few years before dropping out to go to kendall culinary school
13. she used to make magic potions when she was a wee little girl
14. she read all of the baby sitters club books
15. she was on the debate team
16. and the track team (but only for like three days)
17. her and i used to pool our allowance every month to buy michael stars shirts
18. we once had a four hour layover in japan on the way home from korea and the way she decided we'd spend it would be to drink as much sapporo beer as we could
19. on said trip to korea, she named the shoe mat near the elevator, "the waiting vestibule"
20. she's totally weird.
21. in a good way
22. she once had a hilarious blog.
23. she was once a vegan. but now loves meat more than anything.
24. SHE'S 24 TODAY!





{oh yeah. she calls me stoopie. and i call her stoopie. don't even ask.}

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


in case you don't know what a tim tam is...

think oreo.

(and until now-ish only available in australia?!?!)

...and then there's something called a tim tam slam!

and when friend jon came back from an australian excursion
years and years ago,
he brought back a box of these foreign things and introduced me to the tim tam slam.

an experience that i have not been able to relive...


double take.
am i in australia?
is this a figment of my imagination?
am i still alive?
jaw drop.
phone call to jon.
purchase four boxes.
leave store.
eat half a box on the way home.
eat the rest with roomies via tim tam slams.

still in shock.
but really really full.



shameless loves, by ema

things that ema loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. shopping. addict. i mean, really. i don't even have to spend money, i just like looking and trying on (but the chance to spend money is always nice too).

2. staples. yes. the office supply store. i could spend hours roaming the isles.

3. blogging. seriously, another thing i could spend HOURS doing.

4. tanning. oh-so-bad for my skin... but there is just something so luxurious about roasting/basking in the warmth of the tanning bed.

5. flirting with my table full of men with the sole purpose/goal of getting a bangin' tip. would this be considered selling myself??

6. DOVE DARK CHOCOLATE BARS, coffee (i drink sooooo much of this poison) and ummm... sweet tea. Not the sweet tea that you sweeten with splenda, the kind of sweet tea where you brew gallons upon gallons and dump pounds upon pounds of sugar into and top it off with a lemon on the side. delish.

7. ice cream. i once (in college) ate nothing but ice cream. and actually lost weight.

8. homemade popcorn.

STAPLES! luvs it.

thank you, miss ema!
and a very happy no shame november to you!



Monday, November 16, 2009

shameless loves, by lise

things that lise loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. eating raw cookie dough or cake batter straight from the bowl while i’m baking

2. staying in to watch reality tv – the bachelor, beauty and the geek – the trashier the better. and even worse i screen my calls while watching - are they worthy of interrupting my viewing - it's not likely... :)

3. reading gossip mags and blogs when i should be studying…or anytime really

4. mcdonalds at 2am after a big night out...mmm-mmm. and then cold pizza for breakfast!

5. cheese on anything (and i mean anything), or on its own, especially if melted

6. the twilight series and dreaming of my own edward (i know, this should have stopped when I was 14 but whatever)

7. writing notes in uni lectures as if i’m back in highschool

8. cheesy love songs and 90s dance music

9. eating nutella straight from the jar (preferably while watching gossip girl)

10. dancing and singing in my bedroom, using my hairbrush as a microphone

11. christmas carols and decorations in november (although of course in public i agree with everyone else about their tackiness – it can be our secret right ;)

...nutella right out of the jar?! count me in for that...

thank you, miss lise!
and a very happy no shame november to you!


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