Saturday, January 30, 2010

happy pizza night from grimaldi's!

i know, i know,
it's a sin that i've lived in new york this long and haven't been to 
so sue me. 

i actually just happened upon it when the pops and i attended a concert down the street from grimaldi's at bargemusic
{it's a chamber music venue and it's a boat. isn't that super silly?}

hello, pops!

so after a lovely evening of brahms and mozart,
we piggied out on pizza,
that is definitely up there with kesté and di fara.
i'm a total fan of the slightly burnt bottom.
i think i should have ordered extra basil though.
next time :-)

have a lovely weekend, pretty people!
pops is here all weekend! yay yipee! 



grimaldi's is located in brooklyn, just below the brooklyn bridge.

Friday, January 29, 2010

shekere of good thoughts!

are you ready to dork out with me?

so the other day, i had a class on this silly looking instrument called the 

{{kinda rhymes with tanqueray}}

it originated from west africa, 
and it is essentially a dried gourd covered in a "skirt" of little beads.
and it's played like this:

{sorta. it's harder than it looks, people!}

teacher man, javier, explained that when shekere makers make the shekeres,
they are supposed to have one good thought for each of the zillion beads that are in the skirt.

and i thought that was just a fantastically happy idea!

so here are some of my good thoughts, were i to make a shekere:
{and if i were to make a shekere, it would no doubt be purple}

-to pops, because he is flying to new york tomorrow!
-to restaurant week. amen to that. 
and my seven thousand reservations about it.

-to all of my musician friends taking their first summer music festival auditions this weekend.
-to mum for FINALLY being done with jury duty.
-to roomie because he obviously must have had a horrendous and terribly awful day which caused him to totally forget to do his dishes tonight.
-to everybody that is going on my 11:45 tour tomorrow. 
back to back tours?! somebody please carry me up the stairs.
-to miss alli who has just come down with strep :-( feel better, doll!
-to the men at electric literature
for "making reading bad for you again."

-to the poor iPad. 
it's not your fault everyone is calling you iTampon.

i have about a lot more beads to go.
but it is past my bedtime.
and i must be well rested for my first restaurant week reservation tomorrow!




Wednesday, January 27, 2010

gone fishin'

i was a guest blogger today over at miss elle's 

her project is so great and i had so much writing for it,

i hope you all go over and take a little peak!!



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

week 4: zaftigs

ohhhh k! so. let's talk some about boston.
see, to me, a weekend visit to boston means:

-seeing old friends
-strolling on newbury street (with a definite visit to the marc jacobs store)

-perhaps exploring cambridge
-a sit with a chocolate sandwich cookie at cambridge's hi rise bread company.

-and maybe a nun chuck lesson?

but to the boys,

a weekend visit to boston means one thing:

get. wasted.

as in, 
wake up, 
and even before breakfast, 
be very very drunk.

{even if the only cups left are measuring cups}

{and i swear, i didn't have anything to do with this}

it's like a tradition for them.
it's ridiculous. 
don't even get me started.

naturally my restaurant for this week was going to be in boston,
but i faced a challenge:

i needed a restaurant that would be interesting and tasty and boston-y,
it would also need to appeal to some very drunk or very hungover boys.

 anything that took traveling to the opposite side of the city for?
ummm no.

any posh seafood restaurants?
not a chance.

the greasy four dollar cheeseburgers they all craved?
bored. so bored.

so with the help of former bostoner z, i found it:

walking distance from friend trent's,
not too expensive,
and a perfectly acceptable place to nurse a hangover.

there it is.

we arrived on sunday at typical brunch hour,
ready to wait
{because what fabulous sunday brunch doesn't have a severely long wait?}
oh but wait we did...
for almost TWO hours.

good thing there were fun mural people for brian and i to play with...

and to pick the noses of.

luckily the wait gave me enough time to decide what i wanted.
because there were too many ridiculous menu items that i couldn't pass up,
i also decided what friends kyle and trent would want too.

for me:

the challah french toast.

by complete chance, 
i happened upon a girl from my high school english class on the walk to zaftigs,
she recommended it, 
and i was all, damn, this is a sign!
and then about six more people told me i should get it.
so i did.
and it was, to quote miss erin who also got french toast,
cake for breakfast!!
i mean, i'll take that any day.

i also felt weird about going to a jewish deli and not having a potater pancake.
by the way,
is there a difference between a latke and a potato pancake?
it was ok.
it was at least crispy enough.

friends matt, erin, and becca had
a monstrous breakfast sandwich, bananer french toast, and a salmon burger


for kyle:

the raphel
roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry and apricot chutney, mashed potatoes, and gravy
atop toasted challah.

think: the gobbler at the millburn deli in jersey.
except with mashed potatoes,
that in my opinion,
 took away its rights to be a sammich.
might as well have just had thanksgiving.

for mr. trent:

the lupo
brisket sandwiched between two potater pancakes
with gravy and horseradish

it was a good thing that trent was willing to order this,
because if he hadn't
i would have had a major problem.
i mean, 
what self respecting person that likes to blog about food sees this on a menu and doesn't taste it?
i was a bit confused when it came out though,
talking about,
are you supposed to pick it up and eat it like a sandwich?
or is it just too messy for that?
trent opted for the fork approach,
and so did i.
it was good, pretty good. 
a+ for creativity.

joe got an omelet.

zaftigs was an all day affair.
we were there basically until the early evening.
and it almost bordered on
this severely long typical sunday brunch wait being almost too severely long.
i was satisfied with my toast.
but i'd like to spiel about traditional american breakfast places some:

there seems to be a commonality about em that is a plateau.
how many ways are there to omelet an egg?
or flip a pancake?
or iron a waffle?

don't get me wrong,
it's good food.

but i've never had, and really can't imagine an out of this WORLD brunch. 
{black label burger of brunches, do you exist?}
it seems that when it comes to breakfast,
it's either solid,
or a stale bagel.

i'm truly equally satisfied with a
telepan prix fixe ordeal,
an egg mcmuffin,
or a zaftig's seven hour affair.

what i'm saying is, 
zaftigs was very good...
but unless i crave the brisket + latke combo,
and unless i have a whole day to spare,
i'll focus on my next 48 restaurants, thankyouverymuch.



zaftig's delicatessen is located just outside of boston, in brookline.

joe+kyle don't remember a thing.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

en route

...he rode over connecticut
in a glass coach
once, a fear pierced him,
in that he mistook
the shadow of his equipage
for blackbirds.
{wallace stevens}

passing through connecticut,
groggy from my nap,
curiously gazing at the big pretty houses along the way,
listening to sigur ros, the decemberists, and rufus,
full from a newly discovered honey mustard,
excited for what boston will bring,
 and sitting next to one of my very best friends...

i couldn't be happier.

this is exactly where i want to be right now.

and in two hours i will arrive in boston,
and that is exactly where i will want to be then!
 i like how that works.



happy pizza night from the east side!

a very pretty day warranted a stroll across central park,
some upper east side exploring,
excellent conversation,
and a few greasy slices of pizza
with craig.

have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

i am off to boston tomorrow!



Friday, January 22, 2010

a day of firsts

{no, not my firstborn}

today was the first day i...

1. baby-sat for a baby that wasn't my sis

2. burped a baby
juggles baby,
 takes out black berry, 
pulls up google,
types in,
"how to burp a baby"
ah! fantastic.
i am a pro.
{kidding. that didn't actually happen}

3. drove a car in new york city
baby's mum, "heyyyy molly, you don't drive do you?"
"why, yes i do!"
forgetting that i've only driven in suburbia, u.s.a.
...don't worry, mum, the parking garage was only a block away,
{no left turns needed}

4. ate at
with friend maria.
'twas good.
'cept we both agreed that
our little neighborhood hole-in-the-wall
has better sandwiches.
no 'fense, tom

5. ate a mushroom
i know, right?
i've never had one.
but they're part of tom's chicken 'wich. 
so i said what the hell, and gave it a go.
it was fine.
sorta covered by the fontina, so i probably didn't get the full effect. 
i don't think i'm mentally ready to eat a solo mushroom anyways yet.
but may i tell a weird story?
as i bit into the mushroom stricken sandwich,
mum texted me to say,
"i think you should try mushrooms this week." 

did you have any firsts today??



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bread & butter

will make me happy any day.



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my room.

when all of my practicing is finished for the day
and all of the dishes are clean,

i lie in my bed,
close my eyes,
and imagine that my little room
isn't in new york city anymore,
but that instead, it's part of a little house,
on a farm,
in the middle of nowhere.

i imagine that if i were to open my window,
i wouldn't see all of the yellow taxis
or my corner bodega...
rather i would see an endless field,
and the sun setting.

 if i were to open my door,
i'd find mum, fixing dinner
{in a beautiful kitchen}
for all of our most favorite people. would smell of rosemary

and all of our most favorite people would be scattered about,
sitting on the porch,
playing with the puppies,
sipping wine,

but then i really do hear laughing
{and it is roomies}

and i'm reminded that reality is sweet, too.



Sunday, January 17, 2010

week 3: minetta tavern

i'm going to make this plain and simple: 

there's life before
black label burger
there's life after 
the minetta tavern 
black label burger

and in between that,
there's this little slice of heaven
where you don't exactly know how it's possible that a burger can taste this good,
but you know that it does,
and you know that it is the best burger you've ever had,
and you somehow know that it is the best burger you ever will have,
and you are very ok with that.

{you are also very ok with the $26 that you are dropping on it}

i've never decided that about a food before...
that not only is this the best thing i've ever had,
but it is also the best thing i ever will have.
...and here i am at the ripe old age of 20,
 at the climax of my burger eating career.

now, i've never been married before,
but i imagine that this is what finding "the right one" is like.
you know,
sure there are a zillion other men (or burgers)
out there that have yet to be dated (or tasted)
but if this was the last man (burger)
i ever dated (tasted)
i'd be fully satisfied with that.

and here's why i'm allowed to claim this as 
the best burger EVER:

1. he agrees,
he agrees, 
most of them agree,
my teacher agrees
 frank would agree if it weren't $26 (pshhh..),
and someone named the beef aficionado agrees.

2. the shell.
the best things have little shells...
-french fries
but have you ever met a burger with a shell??
with every little bite, 
there was a crunch!
not a burnt type of crunch,
but a completely satisfying and tasty crunch that added a whole new element!

3. the bun did exactly what a bun should do
it was a vehicle for the meat.
it complimented.
it absorbed.
it provided a little pillow. 
it did not try to steal the show.

in essence, 
the bun was the elenor roosevelt to the meat.

4. the burger did not need a single accouterment.
(by default, 
it is topped with grilled onions, but that's part of the package)
it's served with a tomato and lettuce slice,
but i'd argue that's just a formality.
no cheese.
and condiments?
nuh uh.

there are foods that are made to be friends with condiments
(pommes frites, 5napkin, heck- everything could use some mustard)
but even i felt uneasy about even so much as a spec of dijon!
normally for me it's like,
do you want some burger with your mustard?
there is just SO MUCH taste in this burger,
that it need not be covered up with
condiment shenanigans. 

5. the taste
i mean DUH.
but seriously.
you don't even know
you don't even know.

and the added bonuses:

the fries!
no fry has ever been crispy enough
or salty enough for me
{hence the usual mustard slatherage}
but these,
like the burger,
were perfect sans condiment.

the hefeweizen that washed it down

my waitress
a place with food as good as this can afford to have a-hole wait people
cause, i mean, i'd go back either way.
but miss wait was so very nice!

my walk home
approximately a hundred blocks (approximately five miles)
it made me feel fine about eating cows and fries for dinner
and i discovered,
that if you walk up town via the east side,
you completely bypass the sex shops.

now people, you hear me:
if you're ever in new york,
if you're not a vegetarian,
{even if you are*}
and get a black label burger.

oh how i want another one RIGHT NOW!! but ladies and gents, i've got 49 more restaurants to go!
{still... i'll probably go here again soon}



*"awesome. i'm saving this week's meat day for when i visit you. "
~pescetarian friend rob

minetta tavern is located on macdougal street in the west village

Saturday, January 16, 2010

shameless loves, by lauren

things that lauren loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. convincing myself that nutella on toast is breakfast food.
2. going at least a month at a time between loads of laundry and then buying new underwear when i run out.  
3. ice cream for dinner.
4. always sleeping on the left side of the bed and sitting on the left side of a booth at restaurants. 
5. double featuring it at the movie theater.
6. peeling sunburns...only other peoples'.
7. reality tv marathons.  they suck me in every time.  give me 12 consecutive episodes of the kardashians and i'm a happy girl.
8. pretty under things.
9. the smell of fiberglass.  i know.  weirdest thing ever.
10. wearing fake spectables, just because i think they're cute.
11. listening to top 40 radio when i'm alone, and always changing the station when i turn off the car, so the hubs won't know my little secret and harass me endlessly.

thanks, lauren
and i'm pretty sure that nutella for breakfast is a sign that it is going to be a good day...
 a very happy no shame (january) to you!



Friday, January 15, 2010


this is george gershwin.
{he's my dog}

sometimes it's hard to tell his head from his butt.

it's always good to make sure though before you go in for a kiss.

just thought you should know...


i had a most glorious day, consisting of these things:

-a middle eastern drum lesson
-this week's restaurant  (oooh you guys are in for it)
-an a hundred block walk home from this week's restaurant
-discovering an amazing display on 42nd and 5th, advertising mtv's
the buried life
asking everyone,
"what do you want to do before you die?"
and displaying peoples' answers from around the country
{a sad majority had involved physical interactions with the jonas brothers}
-randomly running into one of my COOLEST friends from high school on the street


love new york



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