Sunday, January 3, 2010

52 restaurants. 52 weeks.

behold, my new years resolution:

52 new restaurants in one year!!

the details:

-restaurants can be fancy, they can be ugly, they can be trucks...
{they can even be in queens...}
they just have to be a place i've never been

-if they have a specialty, order it.
even if it does sound utterly repulsive.
-to hell with dates.
whether i've got one or not, i'm still going.

-any of these,
"table for one? that will be a three hour wait."
and my answer will be,

-restaurants i WILL try by the end of these 52 weeks:
-momofuku {noodle bar, ssam bar, milk bar, and *cross my fingers* KO}
-minetta tavern {one black label burger, please}
-at least ONE seafood restaurant
{in case you didn't know, i DON'T eat seafood. or. haven't... until now. gulp}

and i would LOVE any suggestions from you!
they don't have to be in new york...
they can be in chicago,
or any place on the east coast that can easily (or not so easily) be reached by train/car/bus
because, i mean, if a restaurant is worth it, it's worth it.

wish me luck!!




Anonymous said...

You GO!!! What a fabulous idea! I can't wait to read about every single adventure. You are so passionate about everything you do, love that!

Katy Mary said...

LOVE this idea!!! This is going to be so fun for you :)


So I think this is a perfect reason for you to come to where I live which can be reached by amtrak for like 50 bucks out of NYC and you can try the T-room that has the best cheesy westerns in town as well as RA a local new restaurant that is to die for or there is always Waterstone pizza...what do ya say! Got a spare room and lots of food waiting haha!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness this is such a fun idea! Cant wait to hear all about it.

Lucy said...

in LA (with me!): Kogi truck (kimchi quesadilla, kogi sliders, tacos), The Grilled Cheese Truck (mac n cheese/rib grilled cheese), Lee's Sandwiches (banh mi sammiches), Bay Cities Italian Deli (gi-f*ing-normous deli sammiches, fresh bread, cheese, cookies), California Roll Factory (HUGE & innovative sushi rolls)!

in LA or Chicago: Portillo's (big beef sammich and *omg* chocolate cake shake)

anywhere: Japanese okonomiyaki, Vietnamese crepes (super crispy & savory, served with fresh herbs)

: )

Marlena said...

awesome idea, hopefully you're still in Chicago, I wouldn't mind getting out of some of my food ruts. If you still are here go to the restaurant Toast in Lincoln Park- its specialty is brunch and it was so flippin deliciousssss

Margarita said...

That's such an awesome idea!! I wish I thought of it first!! Good luck!

Lise said...

Ooooh awesome! I'm very impressed, esp as I'm a fellow foodie. Glad my post inspired you to embrace the 'table for one' - i'll be doing it over here as well so we can be internationally solid in our single awesomeness ;) Cant wait to hear about the cool restaurants you try

Bignumnums said...

just one a week? you've gone soft on me... (ah)

Bignumnums said...

P.S. I want to see a sammich tour from this (all in midtown):

Rhianne said...

Eep, this is such a good idea, I can't wait to see your posts!

I hope you had a fantastic new year :) x

cerealjoe said...

Fantastically awesome resolution!

daisychain said...

I so want to emigrate and join you on this quest (the restaurants in my area suck balls)

mart and lu said...

i love your passion for food. i love to cook and bake. but when it comes to eating out. i'm not so passionate about it. maybe because i really haven't discovered fantastic eat out food. well i hope you have a lovely new year!

M.M.E. said...

What a crazy idea! I love it!! I can't wait to see where you go. You should totally contact your local newspaper and see if they'll let you run an article once a week on where you go.

chelsea rebecca said...

found your blog through DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH and i just have to say i absolutely ADORE your blog!! it is way too cute! i read about 6 of your posts already because they are so fun! and your goal for 2010 is so creative! can't wait to see all your food adventures!!

Meghan said...

Best resolution ever!!! I have tons of Chicago suggestions! West Town Tavern and Frontera Grill are my faves! I cannot wait to see all of your adventures!

Saskia said...

Happy New Year!!! What an awesome NY resolution!!!! Bring it!!!!!


kELLO! said...

that's awesome! roed and i made a pact a couple months ago to only eat at local places to support local economy :) it's hard when you want something fast and quick, but usually better food :) good luck!

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