Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the cheese list.

{my favorite cheeses and how i like them}

fresh mozzarella
in the summer
by the pool
on a sandwich with tomatoes and basil
from mum's garden

smokey gouda + pepper jack
in mac&cheese

cypress hill midnight moon
by itself

swiss emmental
in fondue

on a cold winter evening
with some apples and grapes to dip

{yes! as in the beer!}
at a picnic
on the tanglewood or ravinia grounds

cheese whiz
on a triscuit
at summer camp
after lights out

epoisses berthault
on a rich buttery cracker
as an afternoon snack
{when i have a spare twenty dollars}

fried mozzarella
dipped in red sauce
at the back of a smokey jazz club


and with wine
after a benjamin britten opera
at lorin maazel's farm in virginia

port salut
to bring me wayyy back,
when a three year old me would
send mum to the store just for this cheese

{...and when i don't like cheese}

-at receptions when it's served in cubes along side crackers. 
it's always such a game to see how one really does get equal proportions of cheese and cracker. it's just so impractical! i realize cubes probably look better than slices, but, people, let's be real. i'm done fighting with my cheese.

-when it slides off of my koronet pizza after the first bite. 

-cottage cheese. BLECH.

-when my poor blocks of pecorino romano get mold :-( r.i.p.


i love cheese!!
you got any faves??




Crystal Ball said...

Oh I LOVE cheese.
I don't know if I have any favorites, I like them all. Except blue cheese. I'm not a fan.

And sorry for taking so long but Foodles are little kiddie lunch snack things (what a great explanation, huh? Geez). They come in different varieties but the one I ate that day had grapes, apples and CHEESE.

Gabby said...

I love pretty much all cheese, but lately I have become obsessed with good parmesan - not the pre grated, powdered kind, the real stuff. It's so nutty and buttery and freaking amazing. :)

chelsea rebecca said...

once again your blog gives me a big smile! and you best believe i am gonna have to go to whole foods to the cheese section and indulge in some fancy shamcey cheese. (i'll use my "gas for the car money" since that is no longer needed. ha}
good feta in a simple salad.
and my famous grilled three cheese & granny smith apple sandwich on sourdough bread. TO.DIE.FOR.
cube cheese {always so disproportional to the cracker} and cottage cheese are the absolute worst.

Megan said...

Your posts always make my mouth water! Love it!

Maddy said...

I love cheese. Unfortunately I have not been able to branch out and enjoy as many as you have! At the moment my favorite is Goat or Brie.. but that could change, I feel there are many I need to try!

p.s. any recommendations?
p.p.s. cottage cheese is gross

Katy Mary said...

I looooooove cheese! Gorgonzola is my fav, on a salad with candied walnuts, or fresh mozzarella melted on a brick oven pizza.

daisychain said...

Goats cheese is my favourite,
too much cows dairy doesn't agree with my stomach, which is TRAGIC.

I do love white stilton with apricot and ginger

or wendslydale with cranberries.


Meghan said...

This post is heavenly. I love cheese, in all shapes and sizes. I love doing flights of cheese at wine bars!

elle said...

I am so craving baked brie right now. That so does not fit into my calorie-count today. oh 2010, I'm not liking this!

Melly said...

I love cheese probably more than I should, haha! My favorite is definitely Port Wine Cheddar, especially as a spread. Nothing better. This was such a fun post!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...


obscenelybignumnums said...

The stinkier the cheese the better. Gorgonzola, blue cheeses have the most interesting nuanced flavors--push it molly!!!

Also, wheres the love for the goat?

cerealjoe said...

Hum. Best cheese in the world? Definitely Bleu de Gex! I first learned about it when living close to Geneva, it's amazing. Even after it goes a bit old you put it on some potatoes or on some bread, 20 seconds in the microwave and you've got the best dinner ever.

The second best one is morbier. Afterwards there is a well aged comté (more than 18 months). Of course one cannot forget beaufort and a a brie that's well "coulant".

slowdownapproaching30 said...

Cheese is the best! I dare you to try Caerphilly. It's a Welsh cheese... you can buy it in Dean and Deluca. I promise you that you will love it! Thanks for finding my blog - look forward to reading yours! X

Rhianne said...

I love cheese, this post and you! My ultimate fave is Mozzarella, I could eat it all day but I love brie and port salut as well.

I only had baked brie for the first time a couple of months ago - I'm not sure how I lived before! :)

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