Friday, January 22, 2010

a day of firsts

{no, not my firstborn}

today was the first day i...

1. baby-sat for a baby that wasn't my sis

2. burped a baby
juggles baby,
 takes out black berry, 
pulls up google,
types in,
"how to burp a baby"
ah! fantastic.
i am a pro.
{kidding. that didn't actually happen}

3. drove a car in new york city
baby's mum, "heyyyy molly, you don't drive do you?"
"why, yes i do!"
forgetting that i've only driven in suburbia, u.s.a.
...don't worry, mum, the parking garage was only a block away,
{no left turns needed}

4. ate at
with friend maria.
'twas good.
'cept we both agreed that
our little neighborhood hole-in-the-wall
has better sandwiches.
no 'fense, tom

5. ate a mushroom
i know, right?
i've never had one.
but they're part of tom's chicken 'wich. 
so i said what the hell, and gave it a go.
it was fine.
sorta covered by the fontina, so i probably didn't get the full effect. 
i don't think i'm mentally ready to eat a solo mushroom anyways yet.
but may i tell a weird story?
as i bit into the mushroom stricken sandwich,
mum texted me to say,
"i think you should try mushrooms this week." 

did you have any firsts today??




my name is lauren. said...

ummmmm.....i can't think of anything super cool i did today :(. sad.

i've tried mushrooms a couple times, but then i saw how they're made on a discorvery channel show and now i'll never eat them again. way to gross. don't even google it. you'll regret it.

Selma said...

i'm kinda new to your blog but this is hilarious. i love mushrooms. but i know it's not really something people like that much. i love to make my own version of stuffed mushrooms...which is quite good and way better than just one single one...because let's be honest...they taste funny. ;) so if you ever try again anything with mushrooms...go for the stuffed kind. it's good! ;)

Meghan said...

I love babies and Tom Colicchio! Ha:)

I think my "first" today was going shopping and not buying a thing!

Ok, I cannot get over that baby - adorable!

Maddy said...

I made my first soup with no recipe, and I used my Crock Pot for the first time :)

Maddy said...

p.s. I don't care for mushrooms really either.

cerealjoe said...

First... first... first... hum, can't think of "first" for today.

daisychain said...

I used to be terrified of I'm addicted, but they have to be properly cooked through. Raw - puke.


Melly said...

Aw how cute!

And I think 'Wichcraft is overrated. They're so overpriced for what you get. Can't believe you've never had mushrooms though! I looooove them!

Katy Mary said...

Aww what a little cutie, my friend's son is now 3 but I've been babysitting him since he was an infant. I think I like infants better hahaha. Oh and ya, I tried a mushroom last year, it was awful. I think it's the texture but I didn't like it. at. all.

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