Saturday, January 30, 2010

happy pizza night from grimaldi's!

i know, i know,
it's a sin that i've lived in new york this long and haven't been to 
so sue me. 

i actually just happened upon it when the pops and i attended a concert down the street from grimaldi's at bargemusic
{it's a chamber music venue and it's a boat. isn't that super silly?}

hello, pops!

so after a lovely evening of brahms and mozart,
we piggied out on pizza,
that is definitely up there with kesté and di fara.
i'm a total fan of the slightly burnt bottom.
i think i should have ordered extra basil though.
next time :-)

have a lovely weekend, pretty people!
pops is here all weekend! yay yipee! 



grimaldi's is located in brooklyn, just below the brooklyn bridge.


Celeste said...

this is so cute, i love your expressions and the last photo is hilarious :)

Lise said...

Oooh I actually went here when I visited my cousin in nyc - so excited that I have actually been to one of your chosen restaurants.

Normally I just have to look at ur pics and drool and sigh...but this time I can be like yep, grimaldi's rocks :)

cerealjoe said...

Wow! Now those are some huge pizzas! I wish we had some like that around here. There are actually two things I miss from the US: huge pizzas and Americanised Chinese take out. Man, I pigged out on those when I went back last summer!

Maddy said...

Ahh I want this so badly. You and your Pops are so cute :)

erica marie said...

Me and my boyfriend love this place. We actually have one here in Texas and we can't get enough of it.

my name is lauren. said...

ummmm....what the heck happened, where i missed like the last 5 posts? ugh!

just caught up and it looks like life has been lovely for you. i loved reading all your good thoughts you came up with. what a cool idea. kind of makes me want to buy one of those instruments....but mostly just so it can sit in my house because i have absolutely NO musical talent whatsoever.

oh...and this pizza looks uh-may-zing! and you and your dad are so cute.

hope you have a lovely weekend filled with many delicious things!


daisychain said...

Holy hell I want pizza!

Was it you who asked what Madeira cake is? I'm gonna tell you anyway! It's a dense sponge cake, heavier than a normal sponge traditionally made with ground almonds for texture though I didn't use them as my Mum is allergic,
I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Jessica Leigh La Lou said...

I've never been..then again I haven't been to New York since I was like 4 so (haha) no wonder. It looks like you guys had a good time! Have fun with your pop. hehe. :D

Manon said...

Great photos!
Now I want pizza..

chelsea rebecca said...

HURRAH for delicious pizza and fun times with the father!!

{the dress is soundgirl but i got in in a fun shop in nashville!}

Iva said...

you are so super cute!! the pizza looks AMAZING!! ;) Hope you are having a nice weekend!!

Melly said...

I've lived in Brooklyn my entire life and STILL haven't been to Grimaldi's... so you're forgiven!

alissa said...

licking my laptop haha - that looks awesome!

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