Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i wouldn't mind...

i wouldn't mind being at summer camp right now
i wouldn't mind frolicking barefooted in big open fields
i wouldn't mind a campfire {with s'mores}

i wouldn't mind a picnic with some cheese and crackers and grapes
i wouldn't mind some stars, a moon, and a bench to sit and watch
i wouldn't mind a lake to jump in

i wouldn't mind some flip flops
i wouldn't mind some outdoor concerts
i wouldn't mind some summer sun

okee, how much longer until june? :-)



{p.s. those pictures are of friend craig and me at tanglewood, soo many summers back!}


Taylor said...

i had smores just the other day. it also made me miss camp and campfires.

Cute blog! Thanks for stopping by mine the other day!


OMG I want summer now...please and thank you! I really want beach hair and tan with freckles haha

chelsea rebecca said...

your comment made me smile! you are too sweet! and bulk supply of some of my favorite things for no reason??! YES PLEASE! i love costco.
and i wouldn't mind being in a field frolicking around.
p.s. you HAVE to go to paris.. one foodie to another.. some of the best meals i have had in my life!

Katy Mary said...

What a cute post! I miss the warmth so much, can't wait for summer :)

Maddy said...

You're so right. I miss summer sooooooooo much right now. I live in Florida and it's 17 degrees! WHAT THE HELL

arlee bird said...

If you're in NY I can understand why you are looking forward to June right now.

You might enjoy my post today about my mother who was a dancer:


Melly said...

I'm with you! I can't even wait until June... I'll take April and weather anywhere above 50-degrees. This below-zero crap isn't cutting it!

Celeste said...

wow those photos really make me miss summer- and you're so pretty!

ps- saw your feature on diamonds. so glad they shared your blog!

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