Friday, January 8, 2010

the macaroni & {murray's} cheese cupcake

the answer to all of my life questions. 

that is what i envisioned murray's cheese to be. 

i was let down.

don't get me wrong-
 they've got the most amount of cheeses i've ever seen under one roof,
 but they sure know how to burst an excited cheese loving girl's bubble. 

it started when i was having an afternoon tea at the aroma cafe on 72nd street.
 i suddenly went 
from neutral 
to starving
 to mac & cheese craving. 

i decided that a nice 
whole wheat penne 

a pecorino romano sauce 
would do the deed. 

but if i'm going to use only one cheese in my mac,
it better be a good one.
this, i concluded, was a job for murray.

my shopping list was simple: 

1. a little block of the 
most pungent 
pecorino money can buy
{for the mac}

2. a bit of mr. cheese's favorite pick
{to munch on while making the mac}

i entered the bleecker storefront,
expecting to see a shining light and to hear the voice of angels.
instead all i heard was my very own voice.

i excitedly said to the old man behind the counter,
 to which he answered with a halting stare.

i backed off.
what do i do?
quick, find a cheese.

"oooook. ummmm. ok. can i try this gii...giiinnnnepro right here? is that how i say it?"
he silently raised a very large knife with a chunk of it at the end.
it was pretty bad.
cheese should not take baths in balsamic vinegar.
"ohh. and do you have any sharper pecorino/parmesan-like cheeses?"
he pointed behind me to the prepackaged parmesan.
"may i taste them?"


at least he spoke. 
but did it have to be in that, "how dare you?" tone?!

"...ohhhh k. then can you suggest one that i can taste?"
"...hmm. and what about that one?"
" about the drunken goat cheese? do you like that one???"
am i talking to a wall here?
why is he so annoyed at me?
screw it.
"just gimme some of that goat stuff so i can get out of here, mr cheese dude."

and i was out of there.

you see, i like to make friends with the people behind the counter. have a dialogue about the cheese,
see what they suggest,
see what their faves are,
see what's a bit sharper, 
maybe softer, 
something like this
 but from a goat...?
like, when i asked the man at whole foods what his fave was,
i discovered epoisses! 
which turned out to be one of MY faves!
and when i asked the man at fairway for something tangy
he first complimented me on my hat :-)
then suggested midnight moon. 
which hit the spot!

how am i supposed to expand my cheese knowledge when THE cheese guy treats you like an idiot?

poopity poop poop poop.


i got home and realized that my little mac & cheese making casserole dish was being used for seven layer bars.


the cupcake pan

and the creation of 

 the mac & cheese cupcake

with ketchup in lieu of frosting


they were yummy. and roomies loved them too!

{in your stupid face, mr. cheese man}




Rob said...

Ew. I mean cool!

Anonymous said...

This post took me right into that cheese shop with you. You have such a gift with words girl.You SO need to write a novel, and I can't wait to read it!

Meghan said...

They look fantastic! Way to go, lady!

Melly said...

Those definitely look unique! Glad they were good!

Kimbirdy said...

Your mac & cheese cupcakes are hilarious/awesome! What a clever solution! My mind is spinning right now with all the other cupcake possibilities... I think you've just changed my world. :)

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

This is fantastic.

In response to your last comment. I'd take falling in love in paris or going with someone I'm already in love with. Either. As long as Paris is involved :P

Katy Mary said...

Ahhh! That's awesome, love the M&C Cupcakes, you are so very creative! I hear you on the rude sales people. Normally I like to be left alone in shops but some places you NEED someone enthusiastic to help you out. Big bummer.

Megara said...


yumyumnums said...

mac n' cheese cupcakes? what about mac n' cheese ice cream cake?

Taylor said...

yummm! laksdj;klfje;kljrkwejrkl- sorry i just got excited about your mac n cheese cupcake. best idea.

Taylor said...

also i like the new blog title design :) Have a super fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

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