Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my room.

when all of my practicing is finished for the day
and all of the dishes are clean,

i lie in my bed,
close my eyes,
and imagine that my little room
isn't in new york city anymore,
but that instead, it's part of a little house,
on a farm,
in the middle of nowhere.

i imagine that if i were to open my window,
i wouldn't see all of the yellow taxis
or my corner bodega...
rather i would see an endless field,
and the sun setting.

 if i were to open my door,
i'd find mum, fixing dinner
{in a beautiful kitchen}
for all of our most favorite people.

...it would smell of rosemary

and all of our most favorite people would be scattered about,
sitting on the porch,
playing with the puppies,
sipping wine,

but then i really do hear laughing
{and it is roomies}

and i'm reminded that reality is sweet, too.




the southern hostess said...

Your blog is wonderful!

my name is lauren. said...

your blog is little ray of sunshine in my day. it makes me happy :).

Chelsea D Howell said...

beautifully said!

Rhianne said...

I love this, mainly because I used to lie in a bed in the middle of nowhere (though no puppies, boo) and imagine I was in New York :)

Celeste said...

your room is magical :)

coooosh said...

This post literally took my breath away. The beautiful imagery and writing left me speechless. Therefore, my comment is

Red Boots said...

You know, your room already sounds (and looks) like a good place to be! So warm and cosy! And like Rhianne, I used to lie in the middle of nowhere and dream of being in New York! The grass is always greener, it seems, though for now I am finally content with my lot!

Meghan said...

Like many others, I also dream of being in NY! Your room is so adorable!

alexandria leigh said...

love this post! your room is fabulous and everyone needs to remember how great we do have it and that we do love the lives we live!

Katy Mary said...

Your room looks so comfy!! Great post :)

Melly said...

You have the cutest blog, and your room looks gorg!

Selma said...

Awwww...love this! :) Have an amazing day.

Kimbirdy said...

AW! What a sweet and magical post!

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