Friday, January 15, 2010


this is george gershwin.
{he's my dog}

sometimes it's hard to tell his head from his butt.

it's always good to make sure though before you go in for a kiss.

just thought you should know...


i had a most glorious day, consisting of these things:

-a middle eastern drum lesson
-this week's restaurant  (oooh you guys are in for it)
-an a hundred block walk home from this week's restaurant
-discovering an amazing display on 42nd and 5th, advertising mtv's
the buried life
asking everyone,
"what do you want to do before you die?"
and displaying peoples' answers from around the country
{a sad majority had involved physical interactions with the jonas brothers}
-randomly running into one of my COOLEST friends from high school on the street


love new york




Rhianne said...

I love george!! I seriously need to visit New York soon - I want to eat there :)

Anonymous said...

Woof. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. (Transl; nomorejokesaboutmybuttplease) Love,George


I love your dog! and I cant wait till I finally make it to NY and lastly that show looks so inspiring :-)

Meghan said...

What an awesome week. I love hearing about your NY adventures!

cerealjoe said...

Dog love! How adorable is he!

Maddy said...

Pupper! I love him!

daisychain said...

cutest dog ever.

Melly said...

Hahaha George is SO cute!!!!! Love it!

Sounds like an amazing day! Can't wait to hear all about the restaurant.

chelsea rebecca said...

hahaah this is too funny. i still can't tell if that is his head or butt.
and sounds like an absolutely wonderful day!

Katy Mary said...

I love Ny too!!! Have a great weekend <3

Lise said...

Omg could george be any cuter! And I am loving your restaurant posts. Just wish I lived in NY so I could check them out too. PS I gave you an award on my blog so drop by to pick it up :)

my name is lauren. said...

your dog is awesome. that is all.

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