Tuesday, January 12, 2010

shameless loves, by craig

{craig's list. get it? i thought it was funny...}
things that craig loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. good conversations. dialogue is the one of the most neglected art forms i can think of. when people put their electronics away and focus on the person in front of them, magical things can happen. 

2. nerds. 
i really enjoy science fiction. 
my dream demise is to be shot by an alien (because no one's done it before).

3. snow. is there anything more beautiful?

4. VEGETARIANISM. the more i do it, the more i love it, and i don't care how much it bothers people (because apparently it does, i've found). it is SUPER good for you, and actually really fun. 

5. uma thurman and everything about her. her finesse as an actress; her beautiful face; her BAD-ASS-NESS. 

6. people watching. 
i'm a creep. 
i even talk to myself about the people i'm watching. wow. by the way, airports make the best watching.

7. money. it isn't happiness, but why do i feel so good when i've got some in the bank?... just sayin'

8. molly's blog. i check every day. 

9. and so much more!

thanks, craig! i think that shirt deserves a spot on the list too...
and a very happy no shame (january) to you!




chelsea rebecca said...

ohhh yes I LOVVVE that idea!!!
p.s. thanks for being so uber creative! and inspiring!!!
ALSO i love craig's list!! haha
and {i'm still new at this blog thing and i think i commented on a WAY old post about how i would love to send in a list!!}

annnnndddd i am dying over the macaroons from your last post!!!!

Icantbelieveitsnotcheese said...

If vegetarianism is so good for people, then how come I pooped my pants when I tried it for a day?

Same New Story said...

i so agree with craig on number 6. people watching at the airport is the best. it was the one thing that made my delayed flight last week a teensy bit fun.

Maddy said...

lol 'Craig's List'. That was funny. I do not like Uma Thurman but snow is beautiful and so is people watching!

Katy Mary said...

Great list! I thought the craig's list comment was funny! LOVE snow, people watching, conversation, sci-fi aaaaan money!! haha, I used to be a vegitarian and I enjoyed it very much, unfortunately my Dr. told me I had to stop :(

Emily Anne said...

Your blog is adorable doll! :)

my name is lauren. said...

my husband's name is craig, and people call him craislist sometimes. it was kinda funny....at first. but i guess it's a nickname.

that shirt is seriously amazing.

cerealjoe said...

Finally someone admitting to loving money, money is awesome!

You Are My Fave said...

Is his shirt for real?

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