Friday, January 29, 2010

shekere of good thoughts!

are you ready to dork out with me?

so the other day, i had a class on this silly looking instrument called the 

{{kinda rhymes with tanqueray}}

it originated from west africa, 
and it is essentially a dried gourd covered in a "skirt" of little beads.
and it's played like this:

{sorta. it's harder than it looks, people!}

teacher man, javier, explained that when shekere makers make the shekeres,
they are supposed to have one good thought for each of the zillion beads that are in the skirt.

and i thought that was just a fantastically happy idea!

so here are some of my good thoughts, were i to make a shekere:
{and if i were to make a shekere, it would no doubt be purple}

-to pops, because he is flying to new york tomorrow!
-to restaurant week. amen to that. 
and my seven thousand reservations about it.

-to all of my musician friends taking their first summer music festival auditions this weekend.
-to mum for FINALLY being done with jury duty.
-to roomie because he obviously must have had a horrendous and terribly awful day which caused him to totally forget to do his dishes tonight.
-to everybody that is going on my 11:45 tour tomorrow. 
back to back tours?! somebody please carry me up the stairs.
-to miss alli who has just come down with strep :-( feel better, doll!
-to the men at electric literature
for "making reading bad for you again."

-to the poor iPad. 
it's not your fault everyone is calling you iTampon.

i have about a lot more beads to go.
but it is past my bedtime.
and i must be well rested for my first restaurant week reservation tomorrow!





Meghan said...

What an awesome instrument. I love the meaning behind it.

And I LOVE your skirt. Hello, adorable!

coooosh said...

Good luck "touring" tomorrow. They are so lucky to have you.

elle said...

I love this! I need to find a vocal/piano teacher in Orlando. If you know know where to find me. <3

Katy Mary said...

Great list!! Have fun with restaurant week!

daisychain said...

that is awesome!

Carissa said...

ooh, the shekere is so cool! love that each bead has a happy thought behind it, that is so amazing! you know what else sounds amazing? restaurant week! I so wanna go! :)

btw, I gave you an award on my blog :)

happy weekend!

salah said...

outfit approved!

Melly said...

Lmfaooooooooo the iPad. I've heard that a million times this past weekend and it's still hilarious. Who the frig though the iPad was a good idea?!!!!!

Hope you love the restaurant week ressies you have! I haven't been in a while but my brother usually tries a new restaurant each Restaurant Week!

Jim Greiner said...

I love your thoughts about the Shekere... good intentions to have at all times! By repeating good intentions, we reinforce positive rhythms of attitude and action... positive life rhythms.

Blessings from California to you, Sister!

Jim Greiner
Hands-On! Drumming®

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