Friday, January 1, 2010

things i ate in 2009.

the good:

-primanti brothers in pittsburgh
that's where this picture is from, and yes those are french fries in the sandwich!
-zingerman's in ann arbor
they actually employ someone whose sole job it is to travel around the world, searching for the best cheese. i had some of the best swiss cheese on a turkey sandwich with guacamole.
-the mac and cheese sandwich from the milburn deli
all of their sandwiches made on soft buttery croissants with the tastiest of cheeses
-loeb-wiches at tanglewood

i didn't only eat sandwiches.
the above were partly from u.s. summer sandwich tour 09 that i took in june with friend rob.
i also ate:

and more dumplings,
and more dumplings,
and, yeah, more dumplings
including pumpkin dumplings!

-my first sushi
-my first scallop
-my first steak
-my first pineapple {i know, don't judge}

-a macarella from the street sweets truck
nutella sandwiched by two coconut macaroons
-tim tams and tim tam slams with the roomies
-in-n-out burger with the pops

the bad:

-the parmageddon from melt in ohio
two pierogis, vodka kraut, onions, cheese, more butter than your life
-a monumental amount of cheese whiz

the best:

-some of the best mexican food EVER at la fachada in san diego
-the gobbler from the milburn deli
fresh carved turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, lettuce, mayo on soft rye
-difara pizza in brooklyn
which mum and i waited TWO HOURS for
-basil gelato at whisknladle in la jolla

-schnitzel, and more schnitzel

...more mustard than i can begin to name
but one highlight was the RIDICULOUSLY hot one from mcsorley's ale house in the east village

and things i would like to eat in 2010:

-ethiopian food
that truck haunts me every other week. i swear, it KNOWS when i don't have any cash on me.
-the egg from ramen setagaya that made time out new york's best food of '09 list see what all that nonsense is about...
-more bad things
i think i could improve on that list for next year. any suggestions for some terrible food?

happy 2010 everybody!!




Maddy said...

This may or may not have been my favorite "new years" post. I <3 food, being on a diet sucks.

Katy Mary said...

Omg the post is AMAZING!! You have made me SOOOOOOO hungry haha!! Happy New Year!


bahaha that made my day! I love that you love food as much as I do! Happy New Year sweety!

cerealjoe said...

The one you called "the bad" really sounds bad!

Megan said...

This post made me so hungry, not great when my resolution is to stop eating so much :-)
Ethipian is amazing by the way.

daisychain said...

Dear god your posts make me hungry

Aziz said...

GIIIIINNNNTTEEERRR.... I still don't think that cheeze-wiz pic is you...i DON'T believe it. :-P

Anonymous said...

Things you ate 2010 : Jellyfish!

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