Sunday, January 10, 2010

week 2: macaron cafe

"did you go to macaron cafe yet??"

reads the almost daily text from mum.

", mum, i have work to do."

"what about now?"

"...i just ate"

"ok, well you must go tomorrow because tomorrow is tuesday and you know that that's croque monsieur day."

"i told you, I HAVE WORK TO DO!"

typical, typical banter. 
and there was no stopping it.
i mean, i knew what i needed to do to stop it.
i could either lie,
tell her i went and that it was fine but her sandwiches were better {which would end any and all interrogation}
or i could just go to the damn macaron cafe.
i really didn't have any reason not to... except that it's in midtown.
spitting distance from penn station. 
oh the horror.

uh oh, i'm getting a text from mum...

"did you hear?? midtown lunch just said that macaron cafe puts bouchon to SHAME! 

relentless, that woman.

things got brutally out of hand last tuesday.
it started with a phone call.
not a text, but a phone call.

"soooo.... whatcha doin today?"
"probably gonna go to costco, and then to yoga... maybe practice"
"oh. and macaron cafe?"
"nope, no time for that."
"isn't today--"

two hours later, on a walk, circa 88th and amsterdam
phone rings, guess who.

"how was costco?"
"ummm, brian couldn't go, he needed to practice. so i didn't go either."

she was right. it was time.

i googled the number, i called, and made a reservation.
not for a table though, 
but for a croque monsieur. 

tell me that's not cute.

it was all because when i called, monsieur croque monsieur told me that, oui, today is croque monsieur day, but they only have "un, deux, trois.... FOUR CROQUE MONSIEURS LEFT!"
so i should probably get there soon.
meaning, i couldn't walk there, i'd have to subway it. 
meaning, i had no choice but to brave penn station.

i survived. 
monsieur croque monsieur greeted me and asked if my croque monsieur would be for here or to go.
i looked around the hot pink closet sized cafe at the two teensy tables,

"but, monsieur, there's no place to sit"

he motioned to an itsy bitsy stool squeezed between an already full coffee table and a wall, as if to say,
"duh, look at ze perfectly good square foot we have rezerved for you!"

i cracked up a bit, and took a seat. 

a few feet to my right was the oven used to heat my c.m.
within minutes, i was served up this piping hot beauty:

and ohhh it was decadent.
the way the b├ęchamel sauce OOZED out from between the freshly cut ham
and the freshly baked {crusty, yes, very crusty} bread
ohh and the melted cheese on top, 
how it crackled with every bite! 
ah! if i wasn't so closely smooshed up against total strangers,
i would have licked every last drop of b├ęchamel off of the plate!

i had an orangina to wash it down.

and for dessert, 
i took home a variety of french macaroons...
which i must restrain myself from raving about just yet because when midtown lunch compared them to bouchon's, my initial reaction was
"oh no you DIDN'T"
and then i promptly decided that i'd be comparing them for myself innnn (drum roll, s'il vous plait)

the macaroon smackdown
bouchon bakery vs. macaron cafe: who will take ze cake?
coming soon to a blog near you

i digress.

i want another macaron croque monsieur. RIGHT NOW. but, mes amies, i've got 50 more restaurants to go...



macaron cafe is located on 36th street, just east of 7th ave 

p.s. did you know that today was no pants day in new york?


Anonymous said...

you HAVE to write a book.your adventures are way too entertaining.

my name is lauren. said...

i love reading your stories. you are a great writer and completely suck me in. love it. and i'm glad you listened to your mother. every once in awhile they get to be right :).

A-Knopp said...

Those people had a lot of good questions like: "Where are your pants?"

SO did you participate and when are you going to post the pictures?! I would also accept pictures of you photoshopped wearing only underwear on the subway..

Anonymous said...

I have read this THREE times and still cannot stop laughing!!! ...I love New York, but if they must have a "no pants day" why does it have to be on a 14 degree day? Would it be too difficult to have it in the SUMMER?...and did anyone participate?

daisychain said...

Official. I am leaving England and coming to live with you.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I guess if you can make the time to write such a fun, entertaining & addictive blog than the least I can do is spare 30 seconds of my time to I am commenting: I LOVE IT! I am TOTALLY entertained, COMPLETELY addicted & a BIG fan of yours......
thank you Molly.
Now go eat more things & write about them.
good night
love auntie

Melly said...

I love these posts! You have the most awesome way with words when writing about restaurants. Everyone's right... you'll have to write a book at the end of the year about your year-long restaurant journey. Love it!

Katy Mary said...

Love your posts Girl! That sandwhich looks delish!

Donny said...

yes i am going back in time. going back in time is weird. anyways. i was there in march on a tuesday and wanted a croque monsieur but they were out! damn them!

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