Saturday, January 9, 2010

what i am loving now

1. green jimmies
2. afternoon or early evening sits
{often with a journal}

3. caramel mustard from auntie lucy

4. happening upon tiny old fashioned barber shops on side streets in the village
5. sack lunches at the museum
6. creamed honey
7. running into old friends at the starbucks, on the subway... them giving me suggestions on which restaurants to add to my list
8. mathieu dufour deciding not to go to LA and to stay with the chicago symphony! yay!

9. late night cannolis, 
apple cake, 
and almond flavored soda 
at a little cafe with my favorite alli

10. dr. bronner's almond scented soap... just slather me with marzipan why don't you
11. not having to wear blush,
 because the cold and the wind do the job for me

have a wonderful weekend!
wear your mittens :-)




Sara said...

It's sunny outside and it makes me feel blessed. That everywhere else is too cold and it's not where I am :P

Have a great weekend!

daisychain said...

caramel mustard? holy fucking hell I NEED

The Cherry Blog said...

ok....what is caramel mustard??!! i love that you love mustard! and 52 restaurants - you legend! keep us updated! great blog! xx

You Are My Fave said...

Thank you for calling sprinkles jimmies. People make fun of me when I call them that.

my name is lauren. said... cake...cannolis.....and almond soda! sounds delicious! your blog makes me seriously happy. i've read for a bit, and now i'm officially following.

and p.s.

i'm in the process of writing my shameless loves list to e-mail to you!

Sophia said...

omg OMG i love sprinkles ("jimmies")!!! i eat them plain all the time. yum.

and i love the cold winters for the same reason -- less makeup for me! ;)

Carissa said...

hey molly! thanks for stopping by my blog! yours is adorable, I am loving your 52 restaurants in 52 weeks challenge... I will SO be following that!

btw, I love mustard too! (though, I've never had caramel mustard. sounds interesting :)

hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Daddywhatsanumnum? said...

why don't you compare Dr. bronner's soap with marzipan and let us know the pros and cons of each as a body wash?

chelsea rebecca said...

love GREEN jimmies {i used to work at an ice cream shop and all the old folks and northerners said jimmies and i LOVED it}

just looked at a BUNCH of your shameless loves! and its oh so wonderful! i love it! i want to email you some {aka copying and pasting that list} !!! love the idea of not being ashamed of things you love!!!

i can't believe your sister did that too!!!! i am crossing my fingers that i will get accepted!!! and i see you are from chicago so you would have to give me a list of MUST TO dos and TO SEEs in chicago and i would FOREVER be indebted!


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