Sunday, January 10, 2010

what's black and white and red all over?

homemade black & white cookies
sprinkled with red jimmies
{that i made for bestie brian... 
who has not left his practice room since 2009}

-used this recipe
-discovered that buttermilk is what gives them their distinctive taste!
-they were scrumptious. 
then again. not many black and white cookies compare to the ones at barney greengrass



p.s. i tried roquefort and morbier this evening.
i liked roquefort in that masochistic sort of way.
and morbier was good... in a... vague sort of way...


Anonymous said...

These are certainly worth leaving a practice room for. You are such a good friend to be doing this for your bestie. When he wins those auditions he will have to give credit to the cookies! Go Brian!!!!!

Maddy said...

Definitely making those soon. Definitely.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Jeeze! DUH! I am able to leave you a comment! So then let me just say how much I love & adore reading your blog...I get to re-live my nyc youth...well actually your nyc youth is waaaay better than mine. BUT....I am having a blast.
I am sorry about your murray's cheese shop debacle..perhaps & only perhaps a 2nd visit on a day when that guy is not working might prove to be what my memory serves as THE place to go for cheese....maybe?
OH by the way, magnolia bakery is opening way out here in LaLa. FOR JOY!
love from your ex-ny auntie

my name is lauren. said...

you are so cute.

always fun making cookies for friends :).

Meghan said...

You are quite the domestic goddess! They look spectacular!

my name is lauren. said...

oh my gosh! your comment totally made me want a ginger ale float. why have i never thought of this genius before?

elle said...

I just read your All I want for Christmas on Diamond in the Rough. I laughed [and agreed so much] with your comment about wanting cheese to be at the bottom of the food pyramid. If there is anyway for me to help you make this happen, you know where to find me!

Katy Mary said...

Oooooh yummy!

getinthevanihavenumnums said...

Wow, Brian told me today how much he loved your cookies!!!! Keep it up babe!

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