Friday, February 12, 2010

the breslin

since when did everybody in the world become vegetarians?
did i miss the memo that you're not supposed to eat dead anymore? 
why do i feel like i just denounced gay marriage when i take out my turkey sandwich for lunch?

raise your hand if you take bacon in your mac and cheese,
if you can't have pancakes without them being rolled around sausages,
and if you go to baseball games just for the hot dogs.
*raises hand*

i'm so happy to have found
to renew my faith in carnivores.

and to remind me that, no, meat eating is not dead.
{no pun intended....}


 unaware of what being attached to the ACE hotel really meant,
i expected white table cloths and cordial waiters in all black,
but was pleasantly shocked to find a quirky, two story, vintage-y establishment
run by kool kids in tight t-shirts and jeans.

the moments where i
[a] opened the menu, and
[b] dropped my jaw
were simultaneous.

"i know, it's like porn!" said my new best friend, the waitress.

the amuse bouche was caramel corn.
not like those balls of cardboard you got on halloween.
this was freshly popped,
with homemade caramel,
and roasted nuts.
...light, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth heaven.
cracker jacks on crack, if you will.

but,  nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen next...

the appetizer.
{i'm hoping that adding a period after the word makes it sound all a bit more grand and intimidating}

with lentils and a terragon and shallot dressing

a house made pork sausage,
herbed uniquely and to PERFECTION...
 piping hot, 
 meaty goodness. 
you could linger on one bite forever.
this honestly has to be one of the best things i've ever eaten.
the main course
came close though...
house made sausage
with polenta and parmesan


with pork ragu and rosemary

{pictured is the former}

i almost bit the pops' head off when he tried ordering the halibut.
i told him if he didn't get the sausage, i'd disown him as a father 
{i had already decided on the taglietelle}
and, luckily, ms. waitress was on my side {YES!}
because the sausage was {and pops soon agreed}
ok the sausage itself was fine,
but a perfect forkfull of just the right proportions of it and it's friend, the polenta, was just 
deliciously comforting. 
the tanginess of the parmesan meshed so well with the sweet polenta. 
i needed one of those four foot long forks to keep reaching across the table to pops.

the taglietelle 
was very very good. 
i can't say much about it,
because by the time i had finished it
 {in all of two bites :-(...}
i had forgotten to think about it.

it was an almost offensively small portion.
that's ok
because it gave the pops and i reason to order the
thrice baked chips
served with cumin mayo and spicy pickles
that yelled from the menu,
"eeeeat me!!!"
they were quite tasty.
similar to pommes frites,
but a bit crunchier.

i tasted one of the pickles that came with it.
{i've never had a pickle}
it was fine.
sorta weird.
kinda pointless?
what's the point of a pickle?

whatever, it's time for
ciabatta donuts with navan and banana ice cream
{banana ice cream on the SIDE thank heavens... bananas give me the heeby geebies}


chocolate stout syllabub
 with bubbled caramel and crème fraiche 

donuts! can we talk about donuts?!
in 6th grade i once ate an ENTIRE box of krispy kremes in once sitting.
april, these ciabatta donuts are just genius!
they're chewy! sooo chewy! 
and not too sweet, so i could go on and on eating them.

is like a fancy word for mousse?
that, too was über tasty. 
the caramel was a bit salty,
and the crème fraiche light,
and the chocolate pearls on top hilarious and charming.

both of the desserts were way satisfying.


the whole meal was wayyy satisfying. 
i give it like seven thumbs up.
it was so creative. 
not in an out sort of way,
but in a.. this makes so much sense sort of way.

next time i have carnivorous friends visit from out of town,
i'm taking them here.

i mean,
those brits, they just know.



the breslin bar and dining room is on west 29th street, just east of broadway


daisychain said...

oh god. want.

Katy Mary said...

You have made me so hungry. I have to go here.

Gali said...

Wah. You're making me so hungry! Where can I find such amazing places here? I must go back to the US eventually, I really must!

Maddy said...

OH MY GOD this place looks so good! I love meat! Everyone should eat meat! Not only is it good for you, it's also DELICIOUS. No one can deny the deliciousness of it. I also have felt the social stigma of pulling out a ham/hot dog/some sort of sammich around a crowd of uppity salad eaters. :P

ema.leigh said...

As I was sitting here reading this post, I thought to myself: "hmm... I need to live with this girl so I can experience all of these amazing foods that homegirl talks about... I need to visit these restaurants... if only I lived in New York..."

These thoughts were quickly canceled out by my next thought: "no, noooo. do you know how much weight you would gain in a year if you lived with this girl?!?!"

Enjoy a little for me and continue posting!!!!


Meghan said...

Your amazing food posts always make me hungry and put a smile on my face! Have a great weekend!

Gaia said...

it seems that someone ate so much!!!
Good for you!
I love lentils but not cotechino! and the hamburger? and the!
i'm so Hungry!

Lise said...

Omg I'm actually drooling and my stomach is rumbling! I'm so glad to have found you my fellow food lover!

And now, I'm off to eat homemade pizza with bacon, salami and mini meatballs - if the world has gone vegetarian we didn't get the memo in Oz yet either :)

chelsea rebecca said...

i'm a vegetarian and i always feel like i'm surrounded by meat! ha. i want those donuts though!! i'm pretty sure i'm so jealous of all these decadent meals you are having with your father!

p.s. i don't know that couple.. but imagine the video with the song forever by chris brown. incredible.

Manon said...

I love that donut-photo!
It totally made my day.

my name is lauren. said...

i should probably just stop reading your blog because you always make me hungry for foods that i can't get without traveling to NYC :)!

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