Monday, February 1, 2010

carnegie hall

how i love carnegie hall!

every time i go there,
i feel so old school...
getting dressed up,
and walking up the same stairs that people a hundred years ago walked up,
{and listening to same of the music too}
the men in tails and bow ties,
oh i love it all.
this evening and last, i saw the 
chicago symphony orchestra 
my old teacher was a soloist this evening in 
bartok's sonata for two pianos and percussions.
it was so glorious!
his calf heads sounded unlike every other performance that i've seen of that piece,
and i was so into it!
go teacher!

i love cso

elliott carter was in the audience.
he's like the lady gaga of the classical music world.
but he is pretty famous.
and he's 101 years old.
and i got to meet him!

can you imagine being 101?!?!

when i'm 101,

i'm going to be chillen on the big porch of my big southern home,
reflecting back on my life,
on my time in paris,
and barcelona,
and india...
on my three, maybe four (hopefully successful) careers,
thinking about what i'm going to cook for dinner,
and then i'll probably write my one millionth blog post.

i hope your weekends were all as lovely as mine!




coooosh said...

Carnegie Hall is such a sacred and awe inspiring place. But nothing compares to the chills you get when your daughter performs on that stage....

Meghan said...

"YEH!" for Chicago and the CSO!!!

daisychain said...

one day I am coming to visit you and you are taking me to all these awesome places. ok?

Marlena said...

You make it sound so pretty, do guys really wear tail coats there? Have you ever been in Chicago Theater, I feel like I should have a ball gown on everytime I go thro their main lobby. I wish people still did that :/

And to what you commented, I had one of those dates too just it was in reverse haha. I THOUGHT i was out on a lunch date with a gay guy...until we hugged goodbye. He totally squeezed my butt- that was something I was NOT expecting, talk about confusing :P

Camilla Leila said...

this is a wonderful post! it made me so so so happy.
i hope i get to go there some day and just listen and enjoy.

Joe Barron said...

Congrats on meeting the great Elliott Carter. If your personality is anything like your blog posts, you probably delighted him.

Melly said...

Carnegie Hall's such a gorgeous place!

alexandria leigh said...

i love Carnegie Hall! On my trip to NYC it was a must see. I took a picture outside I was so excited! i have never been in but I wanted to go!

xoxoKrysten said...

I've never been there but I'd love to one day, it looks gorgeous!

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