Friday, February 26, 2010

cloudy with a chance of WHAT?!

yes, meatball sized snowflakes
falling from the sky.

someone poured a slushy 
all over new york city

and it's not cherry flavored.

but oh, 
splish splash splish splash

{that's the sound of me jumping in puddles wearing my new hunter green hunter boots!}

hold on...

zoom zoom
zoom zoom

{that's the sound of my airplane taking off for miami tonight}

that's the sound of a spring break starting in february.
silly, i know.

happy spring break, 
my lovely classmates!!



{pics from herehere, & here}


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful, warm, wonderful(and did I say warm?)trip. You have earned it! XOXOXO

Meghan said...

Oh too fun! I hope you have an amazing trip!

Melissa said...

I looooveee Florida, have a great time! Most flights in and out of the city have been canceled so I hope things clear up by tonight!

Writings of a Student said...

happy spring break, yeh!

Katy Mary said...

Have fun in Miami!! Love those boots :)

Des said...

There is nothing like a brutal winter. It definitely makes you appreciate good weather.

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