Friday, February 19, 2010

go evan.

once upon a time,
before i knew what a xylophone was,
i was an ice skater!

 every day after school,
mum would drive me to the ice rink,
and i'd have class or practice.
i once even landed an axle. teehee.

and every so often...
the evan lysacek would be there.
doing what super stars do.
{yes, even way back then, he was the evan lysacek}

and once...
during a competition at my home rink,
i must have been 11 or 12,
i operated the trophy booth.
and evan was competing and he won his division.
and he came to claim his trophy,
and he walked right up to me,
and i gave him his trophy,
and he said to me,

"thank you."


and now he's the olympic champion.





Meghan said...

Wow!!! What an awesome story! I've always wanted to be an ice skater!

Anonymous said...

He is the Molly Yeh of Skating. You are the Evan Lysacheck of percussion..((-:

Emily Anne said...

Neato! :) I love to ice skate.. Not very good though. :/
Love your blog, little lady! Look forward to coming back.

Xoxo, Emily

Anonymous said...

Hi is it that you are?

H said...

Well that's pretty amazing!I was watching him like just an hour ago :)I wish I started ice skating when I was really little so I could be like AMAZING now.

daisychain said...

If you pay me in delicious food, preferably candy, then YES, I WILL MAKE YOUR WEDDING CAKE.


Melissa said...

GO EVAN!! This is such a fun story, how cool! I was rooting for Evan and Johnny the other night and while I thought Johnny was ROBBED, I'm so glad Evan took the gold!!

Lucy said...

Totally off topic but something you'd love: mochi pizza! Thin mochi square as the crust, cooked til crispy on one side, flipped, topped with whatever toppings, other side cooked til crispy & everyting melty. YUM!!!

Lise said...

oh how cool is that! I love to watch the ice-skating, they are so incredibly graceful. I tried it for the first time when i was 15, and I had big dreams of success, but then I saw the 5 year olds twirling and I was like 'okaaaay maybe Im a little late' lol

Btw, you totally inspired me to twitter-style review my favourite chocolate cafes this week - I like it, it stops me from rambling (which I could for hrs when it come to chocolate)

Lexie said...

i LOVE ice skating ... when i was younger i was obsessed with michelle kwan. i'm still bitter about her losing the gold to tara "a RAT" lipinski.

alissa said...

hahaha thats fabulous! i too was a little ice skater - my parents decided to move to a small town that had noooo rink and that was the end of my career:)
evan is basically adorable

You Are My Fave said...

Maybe you should give him a call and see if he remembers you?!

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