Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the petrossian

circa 1994:
"daddy's caviar got taken away at customs because security thought it was a can of bullets," mum explained when a crabby pops returned home from a business trip overseas.
"ma, what's caviar?" asked a four year old me.
"fish eggs, honey," she replied.
i was exasperated.
*i didn't actually say "what the fuck."

17 years later, this past saturday:
it's 2pm.
i have just gotten out of my tap class.
and i want a hot dog...
make that two hot dogs
 {from the food stand on 66th}
and fries.
also a burger,
maybe some kung pao chicken...
and ice cream,
mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! what's for lunch?


it was time.
it was just time.
pops and i had reservations.
and it was just time,
since that one fateful day in '94,
i still had not tasted caviar.
and if it was going to happen at all,
it was going to be with the pops,
and it was going to be at 

as i approached the beautifully carved piece of art at that is the petrossian,
{a building i've walked by and drooled over so many times on the way to carnegie}
i got the same nervous feeling that i sometimes get as i'm about to perform or take an audition.
i was about to try caviar,
and i was scared!

see you must know, 
i only just tried fish for the first time very recently,
and, still, i only really eat salmon.
so this was a very stressful situation for me to the point where butterflies jumbled in my tummy.

without further ado,

the first course:

with duck and mushrooms

it was pretty tasty,
sorta cold,
  and i sorta ate around the mushrooms because i am still not fully comfortable with them.

the main course:
{oh geez, here it goes...}

for pops:
cucumber and crème fraiche sandwich,
transmontanus usa farmed caviar

pour moi:

cheese omelette,
transmontanus usa farmed caviar

don't think about it, molly, just do it!

 like ripping off a band aid,
i just did it.






totally bored.

it was nothing surprising because, 
it was exactly the smell of fish,
but in my mouth,
and it was mushy,
and jell-oey.

...and i still wanted a hot dog.

pops' sandwich was fine.
but give me some melba toast and some cukes and i'll make you somethin real nice, too.

and my omelette?
i've had airplane omelettes that were better.

oh heavens, i feel so bad dissing such an institution.
but, really, i can't love a place that serves cold food,
runny omelettes,
and {according to the pops who is quite the caviar connoisseur }
lower quality caviar 
during restaurant week.

dessert was:

red fruit mousse 


opera cake

both fantastically mediocre.

i'm sorry petrossian,
you are so pretty.
i wanted to like you, i really did!
but unfortunately,
i don't think i'll be back.



the petrossian is located on west 58th and 7th ave, just below central park.


Megan said...

Oh I dont think i will ever be able to do Caviar. I like the honesty of your review :-)

coooosh said...

Yay for trying!

Katy Mary said...

Good for you for trying it! I don't know if i could!

daisychain said...

what on earth is opera cake?

Marlena said...

LOL i had caviar at my cousins wedding and your completely right- it tastes how it smells. Yea isn't it dissappointing when a fancy pants restaurant is no better than Chilies? That's why I go to hole-in-the-wall places, alll the way (and at least the bill doesn't hurt) :)

Manon said...

I love your reviewing style!
And great photos.

Meg said...

LOVE the restaurant, and just be glad that not ALL your courses were caviar!

as told by kiki said...

you know what, ive checked my template and its minima as well! hahahah! and ive studied the photo sizes very closely and theyre actually the same! ARRGH!..ehehehe...crazy! sorry to bother you with all of these. :) Anyway thanks... will come back soon for more of your gastronomical gorgeousness!! weeh! TC

xoxoKrysten said...

When my brother was in elementary school for some reason they had caviar and he LOVED it. This little elementary school kid!

I cannot comprehend why. Kudos to you for trying it. It freaks me out.

Anonymous said...

Ok so here's the deal on must, I repeat MUST be disguised! So here is my recipe for caviar dip which will by no means fool the real connoisseur but alas you can appear to be serving caviar!
a fabulous loaf (not sliced) of bread. I prefer a great pumpernickel.
container of sour cream
container of cream cheese (whipped is easier to work with)
a hint of mayonnaise
jar of supermarket caviar (you do not want to blow the wad on the stuff since you will be disguising it any way).
finely chopped onion or chives
fresh chopped dill
Make the loaf of bread into a big bowl by slicing off a little lid & then scooping out the inside bread, but do not scrape it too thin.
(reserve the scooped out bread for dipping).
Mix all the ingredients (EXCEPT the caviar) to taste. sometimes you might find you'll use more sour cream than cream cheese.
when you like the taste of the mixture you'll then gently fold in the caviar. Season with a little fresh ground pepper if you like.
Then pour the mixture into your bread bowl & serve with the bread pieces (I always buy an extra loaf of something to cut up to serve with, along with baby carrots celery or whatever you like to dip with (fingers are ok as long as no double dipping).
The best part is near the end when there isn't much dip left & you get to eat the bowl! It has soaked up all that yummy dip & since the crust is always my favorite part you get all crust at that point. Yummmmm.
love auntie

bananas. said...

bahahahahaha!!! your face cracks me up!

i've never tried caviar but i've had tobiko. isn't that fish eggs? seriously though...gross.

my name is lauren. said...

sorry caviar wasn't fabulous :(. i had it once. it was fine. nothing special worth selling a kidney to buy though.....

oh...and thanks for the tip about my toilet seat dilemma. i may have to try that :).

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