Wednesday, February 10, 2010

week 6: fig & olive, centro vinoteca

{still restaurant week}

i promise, i do other things besides eat.

take pictures at 

read books during soup weather
on a gloomy friday afternoon at

typical babblings to come.
46 to go...




kittycat said...

aww i love h&m but we don't have any in texas!
yeah i've never been to any of those places on my list...but i'm really interested in studying abroad in paris! it's on the top of my list too :-)

ps: you are so gorgeous!

daisychain said...

oh YUM
if I lived where you do, I'd do nothing but eat.

Jasara said...

Food is culture! Mustards are essential. I love mustard as well, honey, dijon, yellow, hot, creole yum!

*Mel said...

LOVE Fig and Olive! Hope you liked it!

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