Tuesday, February 16, 2010

week 7: lederhosen

subtitle: your spätzle are rubber bands, so let's drown our sorrows.

one of my very best friends, rob, is a near-pescetarian. 
he's a vegetarian,
but he eats fish.
and the "near" part because,
one day a week,
he indulges in the land animal.

and so i knew we would be perfect valentines for each other when he professed his affection for me by saying,
"i'm saving my meat day for you, baybay"
that's true love, if you ask me. 

so, obviously, it was either burgers or schnitzels.
and it just so happened that i was due for a schnitzel.

and so the rob and i navigated about the tiny streets of the west village
until we happened upon
...hidden in a little basement of one of those beautiful west village townhousey things. 

it was so much like entering a german beer house,
that rob and i actually broke out in our best german talky
{we are, after all, scholars of the language}
we were immediately hushed up by our 
sassy "i left germany for a reason and don't want to sprechen the deutsch with you" waitress.

sure, frau, sure.

so i got:
chickens schnitzel
can you substitute that pickled stuff for more spätzle?

{clockwise from top: pickled shit that no one really eats anyways, 
rubber patty, 
rubber bands}

rob got:
pork schnitzel
a la holstein = with an egg on top
pickled shit

ditto on the rubber.

i'll spare you details,
but the evening was saved by four things:

1. the massive mural of pretty germany mountains,
complete with scaled down painting of neuschwanstein,
and cows.
2. the happiness and beer-garden-y ambiance that would make it a very pleasant place to trinken a bier with friends.
{a.k.a. i'd go back to this place, but only after dinner...}

3. my pretty jimmies heart that i crafted in my milk during dessert at milk & cookies.
4. rob {duh}

i mean,
a bad schnitzel had to happen sooner or later.
good thing i have 45 more restaurants to go!!



lederhosen is located at bleecker and grove in the west village.
milk & cookies is located at commerce and 7th ave in the west village.


coooosh said...

Life lesson. When you are with Rob, life is good, even if the food isn't (-:. Love you Rob. Have a safe trip back.

Meghan said...

Wow! I once went to an authentic German restaurant and felt very much the same way! Love your adventures!

daisychain said...

reminds me of being in Austria.

Jess said...

mmmm that schnitzel looks so good! i just had some in vienna :) and i love how he professed his love to you hahaha hilarious and adorable.

my baloney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
my baloney said...

haha. I loved reading this. :D

Thank you for your kind comment. It totally made my day!

Oh, and I absolutely love your blog; sorry this took me so long to comment on :(. I've been away from blogger world for a while...

auntjamima said...

every single piece of food in these pictures looks disgusting

p.s. try some syrup. A li'l dab 'll do ya!!!!!!!!!

Writings of a Student said...

How sweet of your "near" friend to save his meat day for you! and as long as it has mustard on it, it's good!

Celeste said...

i can't believe that there's such a thing as bad schnitzel.. well hopefully i don't run into any of it while i'm in germany (:

Chloe T said...

Thank you for the comment!
Ahhh, I love your blog, food is such a wonderful thing, no? Schnitzel is good. So is mustard, with steak! Food is love.

I'm now following - your blog really is great :D

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