Tuesday, March 30, 2010

donuts are the new cupcakes.

stefani @ doughnut plant

love to magnolia,
love to crumbs,
love to sprinkles,

and love to every single one of the 
thousand million glamourous cupcake bloggers 
{and their headbands that match the color of the frosting}

in a world where outer beauty matters all too often,

it's time for the 
goofy kid to shine.

traditional donut @ bombolini

i know,
it's our natural instinct to suppress it,
seeing as how they are about a thousand times worse for you than a piece of cake,
but in this era of shamelessness
there's no better time than now to embrace the fact that



it's true.

it's no coincidence
opened kitty-corner to magnolia on the upper west side,

serving pb&j sammiches on donuts
opened a stone's throw from kyotofu

the same year that april decided to serve
ciabatta donuts at her new baby,

 the same year that
opened with bombolini on the menu

it's even rumored that
serves donuts.

apple cider donuts @ the 65th street farmers' market

enough beating round the bush,
here are reasons why donuts prevail:

1. like i said, everything is better fried... and that should be reason enough.

2. variety
yeasty, cakey, frosted, powdered, glazed, 
jelly-filled, creme-filled, square, round, hole, 
no hole, long and skinny...
ciabatta?!  #aprilbloomfieldisSUCHapimp

3. you don't have to let them cool before glazing them
when have you ever been served a warm cupcake with the frosting still in tact?
contrary wise, how often is the krispy kreme hot-now sign on?

4. they cost less moneys.
why buy a magnolia cupcake for over two dollars 
when you could go across the street to bombolini 
and buy a warm pistachio donut for $1.09?

5. they make excellent photo shoot props.

the traditional specs
w/ ciabatta donuts @ the breslin
the smiley face
above: of maria w/ an apple cider donut at the 65th street farmers' market
below: w/ blackout at doughnut plant
the mustache 
the i'm-a-man-and-i'm-not-sacrificing-my-masculinity-by-posing-with-a-cupcake-but-instead-i-am-cool-for-posing-with-something-doubly-as-bad-for-you
{welcome luke to the blog world, ladies}

6. let us also not 4get about the crème brulée donut
@doughnut plant

donuts are better.


challenge me, i dare you.
{i think meghan's already working on it...}
and i will personally bring you on a walking donut tour of manhattan 
where we will stop at the following:
{from north to south}

bombolini at 68th and columbus, for warm, filled italian donuts
the 65th street farmers' market for apple cider donuts & the homey farm boys that vend them
bouchon bakery at columbus circle for thomas kellerness
a voce at columbus circle for haute bombolini and a view of central park
holey cream in hell's kitchen
the breslin bar and dining room at 29th and broadway for chewy chewy ciabatta donuts
doughnut plant on the lower east side for outrageousness 
shopsin's at the essex street market for baby donuts

sheesh, that's enough donut porn for now.

who's with me?




kittycat said...

hahah this is a YUMMY post. seriously. i love donuts! but i don't know of any donuts shop where i live that are that AWESOME. we just have the simple ones?!?!

xo tiffany

Bitsy said...

Hey I'm a cupcake girl but HELL I want the donut tour anyway! Just so you know I have just read this post and I want to eat a pile of donuts the height of me. Thanks.

Bitsy said...

I have to travel to the City of Birmingham if I want something as simple as a Krispy Creme. Oh the shame. It takes 1 hour 7 mins. Meh.

Gali said...

Argh. All this donut love has made me hungry!

Meghan said...

Oh lady, you make me smile. AMAZING post. Adorable pics. And gosh darnit, you are making it so hard for me to write about cupcakes now. Hehe.

So, now I have a few ideas about our little donut/cupcake war:) Will get back to you!

Maddy said...

I love me some donuts! Matt and I going to make it to NYC one of these days and we're gonna go out for some damn donuts (and any other delicious foods)

Melissa said...

I love your posts! Seriously, you're such an entertaining writer. I never got the whole cupcake crazy... I've always liked donuts and brownies better. So this was fun to read!

-city-love- said...

Oh I will def be making my way to one of these places when I'm in new York next month! Yummm

Jasara said...

yummm! how about a delectable double!? umm cupcake center removed with a donut hole in the middle a custard filled or jelly filled? or a Ring of donuts shaped like a cupcake? lol
I think my diabetic coma has set in!

A "cheery" disposition said...

O, Yes! You are a rockstar.. I am all about doubts being the new cupcake!

Katy Mary said...

Girl you are seriously making me want a donut!

Emma Jade said...

I think its a good thing that i dont live in new york, I've never seen one donut shop outside of london and thats two hours away!
They look delicious though!

jessie said...

Can I just say that you are super fabulous!? I stumbled upon your blog via Curls and Coffee and I will def be visiting again. :D

On a side note; doughnuts are the bomb. My honey and I have opted for our wedding cake to consist of doughnuts in lovely tiered piles instead of the traditional cake. Mmm...!

olive juice photography said...

i LOVE donuts.. oh man.. i go by a donut place every day on my way to yoga.. and as i sit at the light i roll down the windows and take in the sweetness!

Jessica Leigh La Lou said...

Oh gosh I love donuts. A little too much I think! Haha. Looks like you enjoyed yourself-that's GREAT!

Rhianne said...

Oh, I really fancy some now :) these look amazing!

Nicole Marie said...

i really love donuts but they give me headaches :( sugar overload i think

Luke said...

mmmmm, delicious! Isn't doubly-bad-for-you twice-as-good?? (Thanks for the welcome Molly!)

xoxoKrysten said...

Oooh yummy, those pics are making me want a donut SO BAD!!

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