Thursday, March 11, 2010


is awkwardly cool.

first it was cool because EVERYBODY went there in high school as soon as they got their licenses.
then it suddenly became uncool because EVERYBODY went there...
{i think by now we've all grown up enough to appreciate its little coffeehouse charm}

and i like going there because:

 1. their white chocolate almond lattes are heavenly!

2. sometimes i like to relive that little bit {ok a LOT} 
of high school awkwardness that plagued me...

3. they have open mic night on mondays, 
with cool one-man bands like
{animal collective + mgmt + owl city}

...just another place i like to go to when i'm home...



kafein is in evanston, il 
{on chicago ave between church and davis}


kittycat said...

we have a coffee shop in my hometown that EVERYONE went to when we got our license too. it's nice though.

animal collective + mgmt + owl city sounds like a nice combination even though i'm not a fan of owl city really.


have a good day

Meghan said...

A white chocolate almond latte? Umm, amazing!!!

Melissa said...

Looks like a fun place! I love little coffeehouses with open mic nights.

daisychain said...

there is mail winging its way to you from today ;)

Katy Mary said...

Looks like a cute place!

chelsea rebecca said...

ohhh this place does sound cool. i love a little coffee house! and animal collective + mgmt + owl city!? I LOVE THAT!

Gracie said...

The place looks like it has a lot of character. And the coffees sound amazing! What a cute little place?!

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