Wednesday, March 31, 2010



last night i went to the juilliard jewish student union seder.
it was my first seder without family.
it was the first time there weren't screaming children running and giggling everywhere,
it was the first time where the whole thing lasted more than fifteen minutes,
oh yeah,
it was the first time i actually heard the entire story of passover

because, usually, it's just like,
"ok passover story. didn't we hear this last year?
 i'm hungry
time for dayenu."

this seder was led by orthodox rabbis,
you're at a music school,
your dayenu better be in tune.


and did you know that in the orthodox practice,
matzoh balls aren't allowed at seders?!
why did i even go?!

ok but seriously,
it was all very interesting to share my holiday with people of all backgrounds and sects and even some first time sederers. 
as we went around each reading part of the story,
some of the people read in hebrew,
some in english...
and everyone brought some of their own traditions to the table...

the isreali dancers had some songs they sang for us,
the rabbis told their favorite stories about giving seders in siberia,
and i guess my tradition was 
eating as much matzoh as humanly possible so that i wouldn't gnaw off my hand before the three and a half hour seder was over.

is it so bad that the only thing i craved was a big honking hunk of soft doughy challah bread?!

it was super good matzoh though,
hand made in isreal,
and had a little bit of a chewy texture...

oh look at me, going about analyzing the school seder's matzoh.

despite the starvingness through the whole story,
it was super great fun.

enjoy your chocolate covered matzoh this week, lovelies!!
and matzoh brei 
and matzoh ball soup
and matzoh meal brownies




Anonymous said...

If you couldn't have matzoh balls what were those things floating in the soup that you made Matzoh Man with? Love you....Coooosh

The Cottage Cheese said...

A little matzoh man - seriously one of the cutest food items ever!

Dionne said...

Awwww what a cute little matzoh man, hehehehe.

I went to a seder dinner two years ago and it was amazing. Such an amazing tradition. I loved it.

Katy Mary said...

I love Matzoh so yummy :)

Elizabeth said...

I've never had matzoh...oy! I loved your "oy" by the way. So cute.

chelsea rebecca said...

i've never had matzoh before! but i really want to now!

Stefani said...

Lies!!! These people are cra-cra. Matzoh balls are ALWAYS allowed!

Melissa said...

Matzoh meal BROWNIES?!! Love me some matzoh brei, but how had I never heard of this before? I think I know what I'll be making for Easter dessert (don't you just like the dichotomy of that?!) Glad you had a good first night of Passover!

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