Friday, March 19, 2010

this week i...

-am detoxing from last week's 
schnitzel/superdawg/edzo's madness
 via becoming a near-vegan {still eating chickens}
-need more cheese in my life
-received two new mustards from a fabulous aunt and uncle
cranberry champagne
spicy hot

-ate a sandwich with 
black truffle mustard 
honey balsamic mustard 
{before receiving the new ones}
-became a twitter addict

-went outside without a jacket, sat in central park

-flossed every day {go me!}

-fell in wuv with edamame & pomegranate seeds
{not together}

...and did i mention i really need more cheese in my life?

may you all eat lots of cheese this week.



p.s. are vegans not allowed to eat honey mustard?
that would be pooey.


Lise said...

You will love this. I just did a $50 food shop and realised at the til that it was entirely dairy, including 4 types of cheese (fetta, parmesan, ricotta for baking and classic tasty) and 3 types of chocolate (lindt, easter bunny, and choc chips for cookies).

You should have seen the sales assistant looking at me with deep concern for my arteries! Haha. If only I had bought some mustard too hey....

Meghan said...

Yahoo for edamame! It's my new fave, too!

coooosh said...

Honey. Um no. But I don't think they can eat chickens either. Or cheese.

Melissa said...

Yep, honey and cheese are no-no's for vegans... as is chicken, haha!

Anonymous said...

What in the sni-ga-di-li?

my baloney said...

haha. So you're technically becoming an almost vegetarian then, eh? love the post. I hope you do get to eat more cheese. I ate so much yesterday it's insane :).

defining amy said...

oooh. edamame and pomegranate seeds. those sound so yummy right now. mmmmm.happy friday!!

Maddy said...

If the mail would hold it up, you should do a cheese exchange. just sayin'. it would be bad ass.

daisychain said...

god the new mustards sound great <3

Alyssa said...

Cranberry Champagne Mustard? YUM!!!!

edamame! yumm... especially when they are warm!

And cheese. gosh. im eating some right now. what would life be like without cheese- i hate to think it.

Anonymous said...

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