Wednesday, March 10, 2010

week 10: taxim

{meet one of taxim's newest cooks}

ok, so i used to throw tantrums.
i was that kid screaming and crying in the grocery store when mum wouldn't buy me fruit roll ups,
and when pops tried to make me practice piano,
and when i started kindergarten.

and another common trigger for my tantrums?

greek food.
legit, i actually threw fits when we'd go out for greek. 

so imagine my excitement:

mum: stoop just got a new job!
me: where?
mum: a hip schmancy new restaurant called 
me: what kind of food?
mum: greek! {and before i could say anything} ...we're going there this sunday!

20-year-olds don't throw fits.

they try new things,
 like dandelions
and halloúmi cheese...

and duck gýros...
{quack quack}

and lamb sausage...

and some of the things,
they really enjoy!
like this tasty phyllo dough with goat cheese and leeks {made by sister}


the pork bellies with honey

and also, they respectfully bow out when they know that other people would much more appreciate shellfish
 and fish with googly eyes. 

...and they watch as mum takes full advantage of the wine flights.

i'm being vague.

it was good.

good in the way that,
kobe bryant is good at basketball.
i know he's like, one of the best, and i appreciate that,
but i wouldn't exactly go out of my way to see a basketball game.
is that fair?

some of the things were really very tasty.
in fact, i demanded that we get two of the phyllo dough things because they were that tasty.
and the lamb sausage was very good as well.

but when all of the seafood came out,
and when stoop shoved an octopus tentacle in my face,
i ran the other way.
i think i've met my new foods quota for the week.

maybe i'll try a googly eyed fish in one of the 42 restaurants that i have left...



taxim is located in wicker park, chicago.
 mention this blog and maybe sister stoop will give you a free phyllo dough thing. 
{hear that, stoop?}


Megan said...

Oh i dont really think that i have Greek before but i would pass on the googly eyed fish. I like my food to look as little alive as possible. I do love bread though so would probably like the phyllo dough. Cant wait till i come to the US and can try some of these restuarants.

Meghan said...

I've always wanted to try Taxim! Thanks for the feedback!

Melissa said...

That phyllo dough thing looks and sounds delish. Congrats to your sister!

daisychain said...

oh yes, greeekkk <3

Ruth said...

When I studied abroad, all my friends would always want to go to this Greek restaurant, which I hated. I'd go to appease them, but never found it wonderful. Oh well!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jasara said...

Great blog! So funny! My aunt is greek so I have eaten it many a'times! Some im eh... some Im YUMMM! lol
Its good that you try new things!

chelsea rebecca said...

AW congrats to your sister!!! that is such wonderful news.
i can't believe you even knew what greek food when you were little. ha. i knew mcdonalds and apples!

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