Friday, April 2, 2010

a haiku for your weekend

schnitzel, meatballs, mum
this weekend will be yummy
get to the gym now.





Meghan said...

Ha! Love it:)

What do you think about this:

If you review a cupcake place for me, I will review donuts for you?

Or, you can guest post about why donuts are the new cupcakes? I'm all about balanced journalism:)

I am so open to anything!!! Let me know and have an amazing weekend!!!

Katy Mary said...

hahaha great Haiku!

Melissa said...

Haha have a great weekend!

daisychain said...


have a great weekend gorgeous x

Jasara said...

summed it up perfectly!

Jessica Leigh La Lou said...

Haha! I love that 'haiku'. Very clever.hehe. :D

Anonymous said...


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