Sunday, April 25, 2010

home for the weekend!

to play a recital
eat some pizza

and to recall that in some places in the world,
pizza is actually cut into squares

does somebody want to explain to me the reasoning behind this?

other than,
1. so that the cheese can slide off reeeeeally easily
2. so that eating just one more piece is so easy to do that you eat the whole pizza without even knowing it

the stupidity of square cut pizza in this region
is balanced out by the genius of
 deep dish.
{with my current accessory of choice, the green pepper}

and how about some caramelized crust with your slice?


wish me luck in my recital/digestion, everybody!



tonight's pizza was from pequod's in morton grove, il
{pequod's has another location in lincoln park}
m-sat 11am-2am
sun 11am-12am


Britt said...

pequods is the best!!

polka dot said...

Molly!!! I love that you're my 1001th follower!! That's even better than 1000, it's more.. symmetric. ; )

I love your blog - we were all saying on Friday, besides fashion, we all love food. Will link you and follow you (I forget if I've commented or just thought I did) and maybe we can work out some kind of a 'prize' - a guest post or something.. we've got to do some way of honouring this!

Glad I found you - or you found me. Hope you're having a lovely weekend - well it looks like you are!

Good luck in your recital - must figure out what it's about!


Mel said...

I love square pizza! We get it all the time here too, and it's always thicker than round. I still like round better though.

Good luck at your recital, and have fun!

daisychain said...

I dont understand square pizza, just wrong.

Good luck x

Meghan said...

That pizza looks heavenly!

Meghan said...

Ain't no pizza like a Chi-town pizza...I love me some Pequod's!

Hope your recital went well, lady!

Hope Chella said...

That pizza looks ridiculously delicious :D

Happy Sunday,
Hope xx

Katy Mary said...

Oh man you have made me really want some pizza now! Yum. And I hate square cut pizza too.

April said...

Wow that pizza looks amazzzzzing

m.e (Cathie) said...

noooo!! you can't possibly have square pizza! just soo very wrong.

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