Sunday, April 18, 2010

mustache mayhem

...that time when half of manhattan, 
a quarter of brooklyn,
part of boston,
and a taste of new haven
showed up at apartment
wearing mustaches.
{team sharpie marker}
kate and katie: luigi, and the perks of majoring in jewelry 
 ...and the perks of being friends with a jewelry major:
a copper mustache wand!


 henry: from the hair color display at the duane reade
izia: is a birthday present!!

colette: DOG HAIR 
tobin: one of the few for realsies mustaches
akiko: a timeless classic
mustache with a mustache
mustache with a mustache
mustache necklace
and can tiffany's get on that please?
staches on chopsticks
mystery mustaches
sticky mustaches

and apartment cleaning starts... 




Mel said...

That looks like so much fun! I really wish I could've made it. We definitely need to get together soon though, before you go home for the summer!

Kris said...


Meghan said...

This is so great! What was your inspiration????

Emily Anne said...


Girl, I am following suit and hosting a mustache partay. Amaaaazing and hilarious and grooviest pictures ever. I'm gushing, I can't help it. xo

Alyssa said...

SUCH an awesome party theme! and so simple so no one has an excuse to be a party pooper and not participate!

daisychain said...

oh man, what an awesome idea

Brittany said...

LA-UVE this idea! So cute!

Cole said...

Fun! My son and I just did this. Love your blog. I'm your newest follower.

Chloe T said...

This is the coolest thing ever, no, seriously. The moustache with a moustache is my favourite. It is now my sole purpose in life to purchase a moustache with a moustache and re-enact this moustache party. That is all.

Also, glad you liked the Sufjan song! :)

Chloe X

Jasara said...

total awesome fun-ness!

Kimbirdy said...

i really appreciated the variety of mustaches. here here!

kittycat said...

AWESOME. i think yours is my favorite! and good advice! i will do this as soon as i can!

xo tiffany

JenRem said...

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun ... I adore all the creativity that came out of this party. HILARIOUS photos - thanks for sharing :) I wish I could have come. Next time?

Kate said...

hahaha. you're so freakin' cute!

it looks like you guys had a blast. yay for awesome parties and awesome friends. :)

my name is lauren. said...

so many rad mustaches. i wish i had a jewelry major friend :).

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