Friday, April 16, 2010

mustaches for people without

such as, but not limited to:
a majority of females
asian males {#stereotypesiamallowedtomakebecauseiamasian}

a guide for my real life friends
 who are attending my mustache get together 
this weekend
 {sorry, blog friends}

1. draw one on your finger with a sharpie marker
{you can also draw one directly on your face with a sharpie marker, 
depending on how hardcore you really are}
2. ye old mask
{thanks, izia!}
3. a necklace!
if you don't have a super awesome art student friend to make you one,
you may purchase one at catbird in brooklyn

4. put one on a stick
{because things are just better on sticks... think about corndogs}

5. use other hair 


6. purchase from the vending machine on amsterdam between 85th and 86th

have wonderful a wonderful weekend!




kittycat said...

haha i WISH i could go to this mustache party! i love how you do your makeup!

Meghan said...

A mustache party sounds super incredible! I love your city adventures!

Chloe T said...

YEAAAA, MOUSTACHES! (English spelling)
They're so cool in general and having a moustache party sounds so brilliant! I love all of the adventures which you get up to in New York City! I'm visiting NYC and Chicago in the summer, so can't wait to try out lots of new things.. I'm determined to go to some lovely restaurants and I'll definitely be referring to your blog!

Chloe X

Mel said...

I love the necklace and mustache on a stick, haha! Have an awesome time tomorrow! Wish I could make it, but I still have to babysit =( Def let me know for next time!

Jasara said...

how fun! Have a great time this weekend!

JenRem said...

What a fun and hilarious idea! Can't wait to see the photos after your night of fun! :)

Maddy said...

I always use other hair to make myself a mustache. I love it. Have fun at your party!

Emma Jade said...

YAY! my friend has one tattooed on her finger like the first pic!

Brittany said...

You are too adroable! How funny and creative!

have fun!!!

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