Saturday, April 3, 2010

today i was old-fashioned

tap dancing to sing, sing, sing

an afternoon sit at the farmers' market

a donut.
{a 75 cent apple cider one}

a stroll down to the village
via broadway/lexington/east river

a new pretty flowery scarf when it was chilly
a step in and out of the  strand bookstore
{mainly because, i really can't face the embarrassment of someone asking me if i've ever been to the strand before and me having to say no}

a {vegan} picnic at washington square park
dandelion greens

and a silent movie at film forum

it was pretty, though i didn't cry like i half expected to.
the adorable actress and the marvelous carnival scene
{were not enough to redeem itself from the bothersome plot line {which i won't give away}}
much of the music sounded very similar to verklärte nacht.
which now that i think of it, is very pertinent, considering the story lines of the two. 

to bed now to rest up for mum's visit tomorrow.



pictures: {bored} {bored} {bored}


Anonymous said...

donuts are bad for you

Celeste said...

sounds like a lovely day. and donuts are a life necessity, anonymous.

Meghan said...

That sounds like such a heavenly day. A picnic and a film festival??? I am so in!

daisychain said...

sounds like the most perfect day

Kate said...

I'm jealous of your super amazing sounding day. I hope you had fun ;).

The Cottage Cheese said...

What an absolutely delightful day! I only know of one place anywhere within hours of me that I can get apple cider donuts, and it's only open seasonally (it's an actual apple orchard about 45 mins from where I live). The place is famous for their apple cider donuts, which they only make one day a week, and last year we made a special trip up there during apple season, only to find them closed. Egads! I hope it was only a temporary thing...

Anyway, hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend, girlie!

kittycat said...

oh my goodness i just read your jungle fever post and i was SO disgusted and confused hahaha, you're funny!

xo tiffany

Melissa said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend!

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