Wednesday, April 28, 2010

week 17: risotteria {and caffe vivaldi}

{and the time i was a total diva}

i recently went to see a performance by the famed/illustrious
at caffe vivaldi
in the west village {around the corner from kesté, john's pizzeria, risotteria, etc, etc, etc}

in enjoying fabulous and hilarious music,
i decided the only thing that would make my life better,
was if my tummy wasn't so growly and begging for dinner...

so i made the terrible and uneducated decision to order
what was advertised as 
"house made ravioli"

*calling something "house made" on a menu
is about as sad and ambiguous as calling something "gourmet"

 as i experienced, "house made" could very easily translate into
a dish reminiscent of canned poop.
{that i won't even waste my energy describing}

do you know how painful it is to be eating a bad meal when you are spitting distance from kesté?!

i left.

but first i subtracted twenty from the amount of minutes it took to get my food,
divided that by two,
and then deducted that amount of dollars from the proper tip amount.
i go back and forth between embarrassment and pride for tipping so little, but i'm leaning towards pride because i think i would have done a disservice to future victims otherwise.

in a mad dash, i fled around the corner to the intersection of kesté and risotteria,
and since i've been to the former, decided on

where i was immediately able to sit at the bar,
and within minutes,
have a bowl of piping hot,
burn-your-mouth {meaning bonus points in my book}

mozzarella and pesto risotto 

oh it was heaven.

i recently learned my lesson with pesto
{to me it always seems like a really good idea until the second bite when i realize it in fact is not usually a good idea, due to oil, etc}
but when waitress recommended it, i decided to give it another chance.
and i'm so glad i did.

it was so rich and heavy that i saved some for lunch the next day.

is the one word i'd use to describe it.
not just because it saved my evening from being culinarily awful 
but because, it was so simple and cuddly and non offensive. 

the rest of risotteria's menu looked delicious as well.
everything is gluten-free,
and it is abundant in herbivore-friendly options.

the vibe was cozy,
and the view of phileo yogurt across the street was just too tempting
{pistachio fro yo with mochi was my dessert}

i am forever indebted to you for saving my evening.

i have 35 restaurants to go, lovelies



risotteria is on bleecker between 6th and 7th ave
open noon to 11pm every day
caffe vivaldi can suck it


Anonymous said...

Dear Molly,

That looks like alien brains.


Christopher said...

Thanks for the Zoog love!

- The Monster

Meghan said...

Ha! Looks like you made the right call lady. And Bleecker Street - oh how I miss it...

coooosh said...

Love the housemade/gourmet comment....too true!

Jasara said...

tip= the service or dis-service in this case. Well done! Risotto looks delish, my mouth is watering just from the picture. Nice save.

Mel said...

I do the same thing with the tip when the food or service blow, haha! The risotto looks amazing though!

{ Thy Lady } said...

Oooh yummmy & looks like funnnn! :D

Lyndon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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