Sunday, May 30, 2010

this photographer's work makes me wanna drool all over myself

and finally take the time to learn how to use my camera
and move to europe and open a bakery
and not smile in portraits

and look sort of stoned
a little bit confused
a lot a bit enlightened
and really calm

his name is toby glanville.



Saturday, May 29, 2010

regina spektor

regina spektor
performed live at northwestern's dillo day today!

she was good 
{in that half cheerful and half dark way that she is}

my recent wisdom teeth extraction operation left me 
with just enough energy to sit on the grass and bask in the sun 
and not sing along {and not stay for guster, sadly}

...this, i promise, will be the first of many summer concerts!! yay!!



Friday, May 28, 2010

cyclone's needle

a few months ago
i performed a piece by spencer topel called
cyclone's needle
with the famed/illustrious/hilarious/wisconsin-native mike "the truth" truesdell

details on this can be found in
life of a percussionist part one, park two, and part three
discussing finding the instruments,
building them,
etc etc etc...
{here are a few photos from the process taken by the lovely jill steinberg}

{spending hours figuring out ways to suspend rebar... not really what i had in mind when i told my parents i wanted to play percussion in the 4th grade}
instruments included:
metal mixing bowls
water heater pans
ceramic tiles
metal nails
aluminum sheets

and all sounds were mutated in a computer system/technology thing that is some sort of 20th/21st century phenomenon about which i am not nearly educated enough.
sounded pretty sweet though
and i got to throw stuff at the end

and this bow may or may not have been our rehearsal bow
{for a fake audience teehee}



all photos  ©jill steinberg
taken in the rosemary & meredith willson theater

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

week 21: roberta's

it's true what they say about 
the men have wicked beards,
everyone rides bikes,
and the best places are easy to miss.
some don't even have a sign...
{pretentious? or awesome? pretawesome, methinks}

i do this thing where if someone offers me a gig 
in a part of new york that i've yet to explore,
even if it's the triangle part to bruckner 7 with the youth community volunteer orchestra of bedford-stuyvesant incorporated,
i'ma take it.
just so i can discover places like
in bushwick.

and when bushwick residences and friends
mika & frankie
lead me to this place, and almost walked right by,
i wasn't so sure...

until, upon entering,
i saw this beautiful thing!
the oven
not the dude bending over.
{you wouldn't believe how much sass i got for taking this picture though...}

also beautiful were the pizzas coming out of the oven.
so much so that when given the choice to wait an hour and a half
or to freeze our bums off in the garden seating,
the choice was obvious...

and utterly worth it.

vegan frank got the 
tomato, oregano & garlic

that rolls off the tongue, don't it?

and i, with my newly formed love of pineapple pizza, 
devoured the
tomato, mozzarella, ricotta, cotto, jalapenos & pineapple

{whoever thought of that combination is genius, by the way... 
sweet, spicy, and cheese? yes, please}

with dough slightly crispier
than kesté's,
and local fresh toppings,
this may just be another reason to venture out to brooklyn again...

and p.s. is anybody else obsessed with this neapolitan pizza obsession?

31 more restaurants, people!



roberta's is located at 261 moore st in brooklayyn

mon-fri 12pm-12am
sat-sun 11am-12am
billz & coins only

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

santy claus, benjy, santy claus*

{a few of my birthday giftees}

meet my latest thing to hit.
my teacher calls it a desert island instrument.
i'm thinking of calling it:
the doumbek 


also under the birthday tree were these pretty little rings:

the leftsky is a gem my mum got for her 16th birthday
{she was/is a swank lady}

on the right is

this is esther junior.
a turtle mbira from two of my most favorite people, becca and billy!
she is esther junior because she was born a few hours after esther senior
{her mass has nothing to do with it}
wouldn't you say turtles are the darndest things?
imagine the possibilities if you had a shell.

stoop made me a
mustard making kit
"the possibilities make me so excited i might explode" {frank}

plans to take over the world via mustard manufacturing might finally become a reality.
options discussed at this eve's dinner table were:

whisky mustard
vodka mustard
mango mustard
panda mustard...

{i actually can't give away most of the good ones before i patent them and drown the world in them}

i die.

sarah shu, a.k.a. co-dim sum monster, a.k.a. my brother, a.k.a. jewelry maker extraordinaire
designed for me the statement necklace of all statement necklaces:
the babakoo pok ban pendant.
just pretend for a moment that you're chinese
and that you don't really speak english
and that you work at dim sum a go-go and someone says 
i want one of them fluffy white lookin dumpling with the barbecued pork inside
you're response may be bewilderment 
and an
oh, you mean babakoo pok ban?

dang, is that offensive?

i can't wait to wear this with my tiffany's star of david, btw.

dang, is that more offensive?



*perhaps the best line from faulkner's masterpiece 

Monday, May 24, 2010

birthday dinner, volume two...

...was the traditional bash in honor of both my birthday and the pops' birthday
{which was today- happy birthday, pops!}
at the extremely sold-out
which we've been going to every year since i can remember.

in recent years,
it has become increasingly more commercial--
{adding cheesy pictures to the menus,
offering smaller portions,
 the abolishment of the sassy garlic lecture from the waiters....}

this year,
what really did it in was the ads on the place mats for the hollywood film
letters to juliet
or whatever,
you know,
a la mcdonalds. 
way to keep things classy, buca. 

at any rate,
the cake
{which used to be all red, now a showcase of italy pride}
was as artificial and delicious as ever!




birthday dinner... the 

was drunken,

{accompanied by mustard, yay!}


and wiener-y!

and it was all accompanied by an
that wouldn't let me take over the drumset for just one tune...
maybe it was for my own good?

the cake
from the bakery across the street from the brauhaus,
was an almond torte covered in marzipan and chocolate
and was delicious.
{since my elaborate marzipan pig collection in the third grade, i've been a sucker for marzipan}

the schnitzel
exceeded my expectations
{even though my expectations have sadly been lowered, thanks to new york city's b-rated efforts when it comes to the deutsches essen}
the shell was thick & crispy
 the spätzle doughy
and the green beans--
hah who are we kidding? i didn't eat green beans on my birthday

...and may we all just pause for a second and recognize how photogenic a schnitzel and his friends are?
if it's done right,
the earthy brown color of the schnitzel,
with the creamy white of the spätzle,
and the forrest green veggies,
{and the small portion of bright yellow from the lemon}
just compliment each other so well,
they may as well be 
the supermodel of meat. 

it's just another reason to eat schnitzel often.

i digress.

my birthday dinner was great!
beautiful people + beautiful food... what better way to celebrate??



p.s. i promise i had enough water

Sunday, May 23, 2010

birthday tea

birthday tea at 
happened with birthday buddy doug
the day before our birthday
after a matinee chicago symphony performance of mahler 5
mahler 5, coincidentally enough, happens to be the theme song of my birthday-
as it has become a bit of a tradition for me to ring in the new year by listening to the adagietto,
which brings me to tears every time i hear it live.

it {the tea}
and its accouterments {pictured above}
were scrumptious
and made me wonder:
why don't we have tea time every day?
{like curtis... and english people}

the russian tea time is one of my favorite places to go in chicago.
it's been one of my favorites since i was a wee one
and didn't mind that nothing on the menu was in my dietary dogma 
{i.e. they didn't have mac and cheese}
because their pumpernickel bread is so good,
i could easily make a meal out of it.

now that i eat other things,
i get the potato vareniki or the tea service.
and of course the russian tea!
dougie got the pumpin vareniki which were equally as good.



birthday brunch

brown sugar bacon,
on a bagel


{that i didn't actually eat because it was my birthday and i don't eat healthy things on my birthday}




who's winning again?

raise your hand if you go to the baseball games just for the hot dogs.

this is really really easy to do in chicago.



Saturday, May 22, 2010


this is how i am ringing it in.

pinot grigio
in my kitchen
{in chicago}
with mum
who is baking scones.


happy birthday to me!


21-year-old yeh!


a very happy birthday to my birthday buddies:
dougl rosenthal and richard wagner!

week 20: piccolo angolo

if i could be anything else, i'd be italian.

i mean,
i realize i'm pretty lucky-
getting matzoh ball soup from one side
and some pretty pimp dumplings from the other-
but, boy, if i could have a third half
i'd want it to be italian so that i could eat like i did at

every day.

i found myself dining once again with the kings of unbougey
who convinced me that 
before babbo,
and before sd26,
i would be eating at this adorable family-run west village restaurant
for a meal that my imaginary italian grandmother would have cooked.

we began with:
some of the freshest caprese salad i've ever had the pleasure of meeting
stuffed mushrooms that made me reconsider my prejudice against 'shrooms
melon topped with piles of fierce prosciutto
...the voice in the back of my mind says, "molly, you are a mostly-food blogger, you must try the mussels!"
{oh wait, that voice is real and it's jeff's}

before i recount my broken virginity to shell fish,
i'd like you all to notice the background of this picture.
{molly gets introduced to the act of "photo-bombing"}

the mussel
was fine.
weirdest of all was how it looked.
but the taste was great,
the texture like a fresh gummy bear,
and the juices at the bottom of the plate-- delicious!

all of our main courses ended up being a giant hunk of meat- in one form or another:

chicken rollatini
stuffed with ricotta and prosciutto
topped with 'shrooms.

pork bracciola
veal ossobucco 

...and some other forms of meaty outrageousness {some fried, some in sauce form}
it was seriously the most amount of meat i've ever seen on one table.

if we would have combined our powers,
we might have been able to construct a baby giraffe. 

a round of musical forks commenced,
and i was a happy camper.
though, i really wanted to hog all of my ossobucco to myself,
as it was amazing.
it came with a baby fork in the middle of the bone to dig out the marrow,
and in chris' words, it was:
a castle of deliciousness
with marrow that was like
gamey butter.

dessert seemed like a terrible idea.

but with nutella cheesecake on the menu,
we really didn't have a choice.

jared got this cute little ball of ice cream,
luke and chris got amaretto tiramisu,
i got the original tiramisu,

and jeff got this ricotta cheesecake that i still daydream about.
it didn't have that tangy cheesecake taste that i once overdosed on,
it was more light and cakey.

i felt like violet beauregarde after the whole ordeal.
just roll me through the village, why don't you.

it was entirely worth it though.

and i am willing to do it again...

but, mi amore, i've got 32 more restaurants to go!



piccolo angolo is located on hudson and jane street in the west village
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