Monday, May 24, 2010

birthday dinner, volume two...

...was the traditional bash in honor of both my birthday and the pops' birthday
{which was today- happy birthday, pops!}
at the extremely sold-out
which we've been going to every year since i can remember.

in recent years,
it has become increasingly more commercial--
{adding cheesy pictures to the menus,
offering smaller portions,
 the abolishment of the sassy garlic lecture from the waiters....}

this year,
what really did it in was the ads on the place mats for the hollywood film
letters to juliet
or whatever,
you know,
a la mcdonalds. 
way to keep things classy, buca. 

at any rate,
the cake
{which used to be all red, now a showcase of italy pride}
was as artificial and delicious as ever!





Meghan said...

You have certainly celebrated this weekend! I love that you have brought your love for food back to Chicago - I adore seeing restaurants I know:) I hope you had the most incredible birthday celebration - you deserve it!

Melissa said...

What a fun dinner! I hate when awesome restaurants start to commercialize... we used to go to an awesome Italian restaurant around here. It was family-owned with huge portions and great prices. Now you hardly see the family around, and the portions keep getting smaller while the prices get bigger. Ugh!

The Cottage Cheese said...

It looks like you celebrated your birthday the way one should - with friends and family and drawn out for days with good food & drink and lots of merriment! Happy birthday girlie!

Sarah Ann said...

so sad about that restaurant's cheesiness but happy about your birthday! hope it was lovely! and your blog is lovely!

Marlena said...

BUCAS <333 did you ever get their brownie icecream- it's enough to feed an african village. Aka just enough to satisfy me

Brittany said...

What cute pictures! Happy belated bday! I am SOOOO Behind!

Alicia said...

love the colorful cake! i'm italian too :)

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