Friday, May 28, 2010

cyclone's needle

a few months ago
i performed a piece by spencer topel called
cyclone's needle
with the famed/illustrious/hilarious/wisconsin-native mike "the truth" truesdell

details on this can be found in
life of a percussionist part one, park two, and part three
discussing finding the instruments,
building them,
etc etc etc...
{here are a few photos from the process taken by the lovely jill steinberg}

{spending hours figuring out ways to suspend rebar... not really what i had in mind when i told my parents i wanted to play percussion in the 4th grade}
instruments included:
metal mixing bowls
water heater pans
ceramic tiles
metal nails
aluminum sheets

and all sounds were mutated in a computer system/technology thing that is some sort of 20th/21st century phenomenon about which i am not nearly educated enough.
sounded pretty sweet though
and i got to throw stuff at the end

and this bow may or may not have been our rehearsal bow
{for a fake audience teehee}



all photos  ©jill steinberg
taken in the rosemary & meredith willson theater


A-Knopp said...

Sweet photos! Is there a recording?

c said...

those are some hot overalls you have there. (not kidding).//is it me or do you look unbelievably different since your birthday! whatttttttt

Dancing Branflake said...

Amazing! Who taught you that amazing skill? You are so beautiful!

Kimbirdy said...

that's SO cool! i was really involved with music when i was in college, and i miss it so much! i love experimenting with music and other forms of art, thinking outside the box like your rebar.

speaking of music & art, it's so freaking awesome that your stepmom is friends with ok go! i have a total crush on them as a collective - not in a romantic, i-want-to-kiss-them way (although, i wouldn't complain), but in the way that i totally want to help them with all their creative endeavors. that would be the life!

Brittany said...

Your life seems so exciting..

dont mind if I live vicariously through you!!!


Meghan said...

First of all, I adore the new blog header!

Secondly, I totally want to hear you perform someday. I am so mesmerized by all of the sounds and techniques.

And I am LOVING your cupcake post and cannot wait to share it next week!


You Are My Fave said...

Wow, I had no idea you had so much talent. I love the action photos.

Josie said...

Is this really you? So cool! You must be incredibly talented!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more!
xxoo Josie

kelly ann said...

oh man, this is RAD. do you have it recorded? i would love to hear it! :)

ok, and your comment on my blog totally made my day - you're the sweetest! <3

Kim Neill said...

You are gorgeous!:-D Hope the rehearsals went well. When is your live show?

Keep in touch, Kimberley xxx

Melissa said...

This is so cool Molly!

Kate said...

This is SUCH a sweet post! It looks like you had soooo much fun.

I'm very impressed lady :D. Have a great weekend!

Bu said...

You have talent! ...

I, however, have envy... =)

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