Wednesday, May 12, 2010


let the shenanigans
and the meatball shoppage
and the momofukuing
and the piccolo angoloing
and the jean-georgeness
and the piercings (what?)
and the tattooing (j/k)
and the sunburning
and the lazing
and the levain bakerying
and the biggayicecreamtruck choinkwiching
and the chilling
and the chilling
and the chilling

holy crap i love you all so much.




Maddy said...

yay congrats!! I love when finals END and summer's glorious beginning starts!

Are you staying in NYC or going home?

city girl said...

Haha congrats!!!!! There's nothing better than the last day of school! If you're still around this summer, we must reschedule from last weekend!

Brittany said...

YAY for you! :) soo exciting! enjoy your time! Can't wait to read about and drool over all the food you eat! :)

Chris Thompson said...

who are you kidding we all know they don't have finals at the juilliard... you just like draw a picture and play a snare drum roll and everyone applauds. :)

Nicole Marie said...

wohoo wohoo!! congrats!!

Meghan said...

CONGRATS! SO happy for you! Now go eat and blog about your awesome NY adventures so I can be jealous!

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